Matinca, Adelina (2018). Human-Wildlife Conflict in Northeastern Namibia.CITES, Elephant Conservation and Local Livelihoods. Masters thesis, Universität zu Köln.

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International, national and local legal frameworks have impacts on elephant conservation and the livelihoods of locals that share their existence with wildlife. Legal frameworks of all levels commodify the African elephant. This gives rise to an ethical dilemma, as what is best for conservation of the species may have detrimental effects on livelihoods, in particular where locals are unable to effectively address human-wildlife conflicts with the tools at their disposal, or where they lack motivation to participate in conservation efforts because the relevant commodity – the elephant – does not economically benefit them. Drawing from two case studies from National Parks in northeastern Namibia, the thesis examines the impact of international actors and CITES decisions on elephant conservation and local livelihoods, suggesting that sustainable profitability for local livelihoods is paramount to ensure elephant conservation is successful.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters thesis)
URN: urn:nbn:de:hbz:38-85122
Series Name at the University of Cologne: Culture and Environment in Africa Series
ISSN: 2194 - 1556
Volume: 12
Subjects: Customs, etiquette, folklore
Uncontrolled Keywords:
MA thesis, Namibia, conservation, livelihoodUNSPECIFIED
Masterarbeit, Namibia, Naturschutz, LebensgrundlageUNSPECIFIED
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Divisions: Faculty of Arts and Humanities > Fächergruppe 4: Außereuropäische Sprachen, Kulturen und Gesellschaften > Institut für Ethnologie
Language: English
Date: 2018
Date of oral exam: 2017
NameAcademic Title
Bollig, MichaelProf. Dr.
Refereed: Yes


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