Objectives, content criteria and profile

The Cologne University Publication Server KUPS offers all members of the University of Cologne the organizational and technical framework for digitally publishing scientific documents and to make them available according to the open access guidelines. Additionally KUPS serves as University bibliography and as a tool to document scholarly publications of members of the University. The structure of KUPS is guided by the University's structure, except for the Faculty of Medicine.

For this purpose and in compliance with quality standards the University and City Library (USB) Cologne provides scientific documents and bibliographic metadata for research and teaching on the internet. The digital documents and data sets receive persistent identifiers and addresses, and are indexed within national and international library catalogues, search engines, and other reference tools. Furthermore, digital preservation is guaranteed for at least five years.

Recommendations and standards of national and international organizations such as the Deutschen Initiative für Netzwerkinformation (DINI) or the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) are taken into account in the operation and the development of the Cologne Publication Server.

Publication types

The following categories of electronic documents are stored and distributed via KUPS, e.g.:
  • Final theses such as dissertations, habilitation dissertations, diploma and magister theses, bachelor or master's theses
  • Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät only: Thesis abstracts
  • Scientific publications such as monographs and book chapters, journal or newspaper articles,complete journal issues, proceedings, research reports, papers from conferences and workshops
  • Publication series of the University of Cologne
All members of the University of Cologne as well as central facilities of the University are entitled to publish on KUPS.

Further technical and organizational information concernif full text documents and bibliographic metadata

The digital documents are given individual and permanent addresses which enable direct access to the documents. The addresses are registered as URNs (Uniform Resource Name). In addition a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) can be assigned. The administration and maintenance of the identifier is guaranteed by the USB Cologne.The documents are stable and cannot be changed. A new version is saved as a new entry with new identifiers.

Finding digital documents and metadata sets is possible through KUPS, regional and national library systems, search engines and OAI service providers (such as BASE, OAIster).

International standards such as the guidelines of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) are used for the indexing, storage and archiving of digital documents and for the exchange of metadata

The archival period is at least 5 years and depends on technical framework.

For members of the University depositing documents on KUPS is free of charge

For more information please visit KUPS-the institutional repository at the University of Cologne.

Please note our information concerning Haftung und Datenschutz


Organizational rules

KUPS is operated by the USB Cologne. KUPS is powered by EPrints 3, a freely available software which is developed by the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton.


For technical support please send an email to kupsadmin@ub.uni-koeln.de.

For support concerning content or organization please contact Contact for KUPS.