Tips for cataloguing and reusing data

Import data into KUPS

KUPS offers import and recommendation features to make data entry easier.

  • Import from ORCID

    You can import publication data from ORCID to KUPS by connecting your ORCID ID with your KUPS account. Log on to KUPS, select My Account -> Manage ORCID permissions to link both accounts. If you do not have an ORCID account you must first register ( Create Author Identifiers). Choose Manage deposits -> Import from to import publication data. You only have to complete the imported data before finishing the upload. In addition it is possible to export your publication data which have been published in the KUPS live archive to your ORCID account. Select My Account -> Manage deposits-> Export to

  • Import of DOI (via Crossref)

    You can import your publicaton data by using the DOI. Log on to KUPS and choose Manage deposits -> Import from DOI (via CrossRef). Enter the DOI, e.g. 10.1006/jmbi.1998.2354 or doi: 10.1006/jmbi.1998.2354. Entering the complete URL will result in an error message. You only have to check and eventually complete the imported data before finishing the upload. At present the import of DOI is running in a beta-version. Thus there are a number of warnings which can be ignored.

  • Recommendation features and identification of duplicates

    By entering the publication title and the author's/editor's name KUPS automatically checks if there is a matching entry within the database. Results can be imported by mouse click. In addition it is checked if there is a duplicate entry in KUPS.

  • Ebsco Discovery Service

    When you enter publication data for a journal article, KUPS automatically checks numerous databases using Ebsco Discovery Service. Matching results are displayed and can be transferred by mouse click. In addition to that you will see whether you have already entered the data set before.

Preselection of data fields

You can preselect your faculty, institute or seminar within your KUPS user profile. Log on to KUPS, select My Account and then Profile. Choose Edit to select your faculty, your institute or seminar and subjects. Finish by using the button Save and return. When entering a new item into KUPS these fields will from now on be preselected. You can change your preselection at any time in your profile as well as during entering a new item.

Adding publication lists to websites

You can add a list of your publications in KUPS to your institutional website. This list will be updated automatically when adding a new item to KUPS.
Create a list of your publications in KUPS, e.g, by using the Browse function. Then change the suffix of the website from .html to .include. In order to use this list for your Typo 3-website you need a special plugin. Please contact the RRZK.
If you are a member of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences please contact the WiSo-IT departement.

Compiling a list of selected publications (collections)

You can generate a list of selected publications (collections). You can edit the collections, allow colleagues to edit or read the collections and export them to other file formats for reuse.

Choose My Account -> Manage shelves to build a new collection. Generate a list of your publications (via Search). Use Change to choose the collection and then click Add to Shelf to add an item to the collection. With Export as you can convert the title list to different file formats for reuse, e.g. on your own website or in another document.

By choosing My account -> Manage shelves you can edit the collection's properties: changing the description of the collection, removing items from the collection or assign processing rights to colleagues.