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Journal Article

Behme, D., Kowoll, A., Weber, W. and Mpotsaris, A. (2015). M1 is not M1 in ischemic stroke: the disability-free survival after mechanical thrombectomy differs significantly between proximal and distal occlusions of the middle cerebral artery M1 segment. J. NeuroInterventional Surg., 7 (8). S. 559 - 564. LONDON: BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1759-8486

Behme, D., Mpotsaris, A., Zeyen, P., Psychogios, M. N., Kowoll, A., Maurer, C. J., Joachimski, F., Liman, J., Wasser, K., Kabbasch, C., Berlis, A., Knauth, M., Liebig, T. and Weber, W. (2015). Emergency Stenting of the Extracranial Internal Carotid Artery in Combination with Anterior Circulation Thrombectomy in Acute lschemic Stroke: A Retrospective Multicenter Study. Am. J. Neuroradiol., 36 (12). S. 2340 - 2346. DENVILLE: AMER SOC NEURORADIOLOGY. ISSN 1936-959X

Behme, D., Weber, W. and Mpotsaris, A. (2015). Acute Basilar Artery Occlusion with Underlying High-Grade Basilar Artery Stenosis: Multimodal Endovascular Therapy in a Series of Seven Patients. Clin. Neuroradiol., 25 (3). S. 267 - 275. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1869-1447

Caroff, J., Mihalea, C., Klisch, J., Strasilla, C., Berlis, A., Patankar, T., Weber, W., Behme, D., Jacobsen, E. A., Liebig, T., Prothmann, S., Cognard, C., Finkenzeller, T., Moret, J. and Spelle, L. (2015). Single-Layer WEBs: lntrasaccular Flow Disrupters for Aneurysm Treatment-Feasibility Results from a European Study. Am. J. Neuroradiol., 36 (10). S. 1942 - 1947. DENVILLE: AMER SOC NEURORADIOLOGY. ISSN 1936-959X

Hesse, A. C., Kemmling, A., Hokamp, N. Gross, Frischmuth, I., Behme, D., Fiehler, J., Mpotsaris, A., Schramm, P., Berlis, A., Knauth, M. and Psychogios, M. N. (2017). Comparison of radiological outcomes in patients with acute ischemic stroke treated with different thrombectomy techniques. Cerebrovasc. Dis., 43. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 1421-9786

Kabbasch, C., Moehlenbruch, M., Stampfl, S., Mpotsaris, A., Behme, D. and Liebig, T. (2016). First-line lesional aspiration in acute stroke thrombectomy using a novel intermediate catheter: Initial experiences with the SOFIA. Interv. Neuroradiol., 22 (3). S. 333 - 340. THOUSAND OAKS: SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC. ISSN 2385-2011

Kaesmacher, J., Abdullayev, N., Meinel, T., Pop, R., Behme, D., Sporns, P., Styczen, H., Meyer, L., Kabbasch, C., Piechowiak, E., Maus, V., Martinez-Majander, N., Fischer, S., Riedel, C., Seiffge, D., Radbruch, A., Mordasini, P., Schlamann, M., Beaujeux, R., Dobrocky, T., Psychogios, M., Strbian, D., Fiehler, J., Gralla, J. and Fischer, U. (2020). SAFETY OF INTRA-ARTERIAL FIBRINOLYTICS AS ADJUNT TO MECHANICAL THROMBECTOMY: RESULTS FROM THE INFINITY REGISTRY. Int. J. Stroke, 15 (1_SUPPL). S. 228 - 229. LONDON: SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD. ISSN 1747-4949

Psychogios, M. N., Maus, V., Behme, D., Kabbasch, C., Borggrefe, J., Tsogkas, I., Nikoubashman, O., Wiesmann, M., Knauth, M. and Mpotsaris, A. (2017). Maximising first-pass complete reperfusion with SAVE. Cerebrovasc. Dis., 43. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 1421-9786

Styczen, H., Maus, V., Hesse, A., Goertz, L., Fischer, S., Riedel, C., Forsting, M., Radbruch, A. and Behme, D. (2020). EFFECT OF EARLY DIVISION OF THE MIDDLE CEREBRAL ARTERY ON OUTCOME FOLLOWING MECHANICAL THROMBECTOMY. Int. J. Stroke, 15 (1_SUPPL). S. 242 - 243. LONDON: SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD. ISSN 1747-4949

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