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Journal Article

Wender, H., Migowski, P., Feil, A. F., de Oliveira, L. F., Prechtl, M. H. G., Leal, R., Machado, G., Teixeira, S. R. and Dupont, J. (2011). On the formation of anisotropic gold nanoparticles by sputtering onto a nitrile functionalised ionic liquid. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13 (30). pp. 13552-13557.

Venkatesan, R., Prechtl, M. H. G., Scholten, J. D., Pezzi, R. P., Machado, G. and Dupont, J. (2011). Palladium nanoparticle catalysts in ionic liquids: synthesis, characterisation and selective partial hydrogenation of alkynes to Z-alkenes. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21 (9). pp. 3030-3036.

Prechtl, M. H. G., Scholten, J. D. and Dupont, J. (2010). Carbon-Carbon Cross Coupling Reactions in Ionic Liquids Catalysed by Palladium Metal Nanoparticles. Molecules, 15 (5). pp. 3441-3461.

Scholten, J. D., Prechtl, M. H. G. and Dupont, J. (2010). Decomposition of Formic Acid Catalyzed by a Phosphine-Free Ruthenium Complex in a Task-Specific Ionic Liquid. Chemcatchem, 2 (10). pp. 1265-1270.

Prechtl, M. H. G., Campbell, P. S., Scholten, J. D., Fraser, G. B., Machado, G., Santini, C. C., Dupont, J. and Chauvin, Y. (2010). Imidazolium ionic liquids as promoters and stabilising agents for the preparation of metal(0) nanoparticles by reduction and decomposition of organometallic complexes. Nanoscale, 2 (12). pp. 2601-2606.

Wender, H., de Oliveira, L. F., Migowski, P., Feil, A. F., Lissner, E., Prechtl, M. H. G., Teixeira, S. R. and Dupont, J. (2010). Ionic Liquid Surface Composition Controls the Size of Gold Nanoparticles Prepared by Sputtering Deposition. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 (27). pp. 11764-11768.

Prechtl, M. H. G., Scholten, J. D., Neto, B. A. D. and Dupont, J. (2009). Application of Chiral Ionic Liquids for Asymmetric Induction in Catalysis. Current Organic Chemistry, 13 (13). pp. 1259-1277.

Prechtl, M. H. G., Scholten, J. D. and Dupont, J. (2009). Tuning the selectivity of ruthenium nanoscale catalysts with functionalised ionic liquids: Hydrogenation of nitriles. Journal of Molecular Catalysis a-Chemical, 313 (1-2). pp. 74-78.

Prechtl, M. H. G., Scariot, M., Scholten, J. D., Machado, G., Teixeira, S. R. and Dupont, J. (2008). Nanoscale Ru(0) particles: Arene hydrogenation catalysts in imidazolium ionic liquids. Inorganic Chemistry, 47 (19). pp. 8995-9001.

Book Section, Proceedings Item or annotation in a legal commentary

Prechtl, M. H. G., Scholten, J. D. and Dupont, J. (2011). Palladium Nanoscale Catalysts in Ionic Liquids: Coupling and Hydrogenation Reactions. In: Ionic Liquids: Applications and Perspectives, pp. 393-414. Vienna: InTech. ISBN 978-953-307-248-7

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