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Journal Article

Foteinou, V., Axiotis, M., Harissopulos, S., Dimitriou, P., Provatas, G., Lagoyannis, A., Becker, H. -W., Rogalla, D., Zilges, A., Schreckling, A. and Endres, A. (2019). Cross section measurements of proton capture reactions on Mo isotopes relevant to the astrophysical p process. Eur. Phys. J. A, 55 (5). NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1434-601X

Konstantinopoulos, T., Petkov, P., Goasduff, A., Arici, T., Astier, A., Atanasova, L., Axiotis, M., Bonatsos, D., Detistov, P., Dewald, A., Eller, M. J., Foteinou, V., Gargano, A., Georgiev, G., Gladnishki, K., Gottardo, A., Harissopulos, S., Hess, H., Kaim, S., Kocheva, D., Kusoglu, A., Lagoyannis, A., Ljungvall, J., Lutter, R., Matea, I., Melon, B., Mertzimekis, T. J., Nannini, A., Petrache, C. M., Petrovici, A., Provatas, G., Reiter, P., Rocchini, M., Roccia, S., Seidlitz, M., Siebeck, B., Suzuki, D., Warr, N., De Witte, H. and Zerrouki, T. (2017). Lifetime measurements in Ru-100. Phys. Rev. C, 95 (1). COLLEGE PK: AMER PHYSICAL SOC. ISSN 2469-9993

Sauerwein, A., Endres, J., Netterdon, L., Zilges, A., Foteinou, V., Provatas, G., Konstantinopoulos, T., Axiotis, M., Ashley, S. F., Harissopulos, S. and Rauscher, T. (2012). Investigation of the reaction Ge-74(p,gamma)As-75 using the in-beam method to improve reaction network predictions for p nuclei. Phys. Rev. C, 86 (3). COLLEGE PK: AMER PHYSICAL SOC. ISSN 1089-490X

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