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Journal Article

Ginevra, Riccardo (2018). Il [DORSO – delle ACQUE] in antico nordico (bak báru ‘dorso dell’onda’) e in antico inglese (sǣs hrycg ‘dorso del mare’): innovazione e tradizione di una metafora indoeuropea in ambito germanico. AION Linguistica (7). Universität Neapel L’Orientale.

Ginevra, Riccardo (2019). Vedic bhiṣáj- ‘healer’ (*bʰh₂s-h₂éǵ- 'the one who leads to the light'), the Indo-European poetics of [LIGHT] as [LIFE] and the mythology of the Aśvins. Incontri linguistici (42). pp. 67-85.

Book Section, Proceedings Item or annotation in a legal commentary

Ginevra, Riccardo (2019). Indo-European poetics, mythology, and folktale in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter: Ὑλοτόμος, ὑποτάμνον, and a new interpretation for lines 227-230 and the Demophon episode. In: Δόσις δ'ὀλίγη τε φίλη τε. Studi offerti a Mario Cantilena per i suoi settant'anni, pp. 27-46. Milano: Vita e Pensiero. ISBN 9788834338674

Ginevra, Riccardo (2019). Myths of Non-Functioning Fertility Deities in Hittite and Core Indo-European. In: Dispersals and Diversification. Linguistic and Archaeological Perspectives on the Early Stages of Indo-European, pp. 106-129. Leiden: Brill. ISBN 978-90-04-41450-1

Ginevra, Riccardo (2018). Old Norse Brokkr, Sanskrit Bhr̥gu- and PIE *(s)bhr̥(h2)g- ‘crackle, roar’. In: Proceedings of the 28th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, Bremen: Hempen. ISBN 978-3-944312-56-9

Ginevra, Riccardo (2018). Old Norse Sígyn (*sei̯ku̯-n̥-i̯éh2- ‘she of the pouring’), Vedic °sécanī- ‘pouring’, Celtic Sēquana and PIE *sei̯ku̯- ‘pour’. In: Proceedings of the 29th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, pp. 65-76. Bremen: Hempen. ISBN 978-3-944312-64-4

Ginevra, Riccardo (2019). Proto-Romance *pī̆k(k) ‘small, little’ and Proto-Indo-European *pei̯ḱ- ‘cut (off), carve, fashion’: on the origin of Italian piccolo, Spanish pequeño, Sicilian picca, Latin *pīcus ‘small’ and pīcus ‘divine fashioner; woodpecker’. In: Parola. Una nozione unica per una ricerca multidisciplinare, pp. 343-352. Siena: Edizioni Università per Stranieri di Siena. ISBN 978-88-32244-02-1

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