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Journal Article

Baeza, L. Lucena, Pfennigwerth, N., Greissl, C., Goettig, S., Saleh, A., Stelzer, Y., Gatermann, S. G. and Hamprecht, A. (2019). Comparison of five methods for detection of carbapenemases in Enterobacterales with proposal of a new algorithm. Clin. Microbiol. Infect., 25 (10). OXFORD: ELSEVIER SCI LTD. ISSN 1469-0691

Biehl, L. M., Higgins, P., Wille, T., Peter, K., Hamprecht, A., Peter, S., Doerfel, D., Vogel, W., Haefner, H., Lemmen, S., Panse, J., Rohde, H., Klupp, E. -M., Schafhausen, P., Imirzalioglu, C., Falgenhauer, L., Salmanton-Garcia, J., Stecher, M., Vehreschild, J. J., Seifert, H. and Vehreschild, M. J. G. T. (2019). Impact of single-room contact precautions on hospital-acquisition and transmission of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli: a prospective multicentre cohort study in haematological and oncological wards. Clin. Microbiol. Infect., 25 (8). S. 1013 - 1021. OXFORD: ELSEVIER SCI LTD. ISSN 1469-0691

Buchheidt, D., Spiess, B., Cornely, O. A., Vehreschild, M. J. G. T., Hamprecht, A., Rath, P. -M., Steinmann, J., Gross, U., Bader, O., Lauten, M., Reinwald, M. and Hofmann, W. -K. (2014). Azole-Resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus - Epidemiology and Detection in immunodeficient Patients in Germany. Dtsch. Med. Wochenschr., 139 (25-26). S. 1373 - 1377. STUTTGART: GEORG THIEME VERLAG KG. ISSN 1439-4413

Elezagic, D., Morgelin, M., Hermes, G., Hamprecht, A., Sengle, G., Lau, D., Hoellriegl, S., Wagener, R., Paulsson, M., Streichert, T. and Klatt, A. R. (2019). Antimicrobial peptides derived from the cartilage.-specific C-type Lectin Domain Family 3 Member A (CLEC3A) - potential in the prevention and treatment of septic arthritis. Osteoarthritis Cartilage, 27 (10). S. 1564 - 1574. OXFORD: ELSEVIER SCI LTD. ISSN 1522-9653

Fischer, J., van Koningsbruggen-Rietschel, S., Rietschel, E., Vehreschild, M. J. G. T., Wisplinghoff, H., Kroenke, M. and Hamprecht, A. (2014). Prevalence and molecular characterization of azole resistance in Aspergillus spp. isolates from German cystic fibrosis patients. J. Antimicrob. Chemother., 69 (6). S. 1533 - 1537. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1460-2091

Hamprecht, A., Desnos-Ollivier, M., Goettig, S., Bader, O., Pranada, A. B., Haas, A., Aigner, M., Saleh, A., Dromer, F. and Koeppel, M. (2017). Blood stream infections by Saprochaete clavata and Saprochaete capitata, two emerging pathogens in immune-compromised patients - results from a multicentre study. Mycoses, 60. S. 18 - 19. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1439-0507

Hamprecht, A., Martin, R., Mellinghoff, S., Walther, G., Cornely, O. A. and Kurzai, O. (2018). Candida auris in Germany - report of the first cases. Mycoses, 61. S. 9 - 10. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1439-0507

Hamprecht, A., Morio, F., Bader, O., Le Pape, P., Steinmann, J. and Dannaoui, E. (2018). Azole Resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis: A Matter of Concern? Mycopathologia, 183 (1). S. 151 - 161. DORDRECHT: SPRINGER. ISSN 1573-0832

Hamprecht, A., Rohde, A. M., Behnke, M., Feihl, S., Gastmeier, P., Gebhardt, F., Kern, W. V., Knobloch, J. K., Mischnik, A., Obermann, B., Querbach, C., Peter, S., Schneider, C., Schroeder, W., Schwab, F., Tacconelli, E., Wiese-Posselt, M., Wille, T., Willmann, M., Seifert, H. and Zweigner, J. (2016). Colonization with third-generation cephalosporin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae on hospital admission: prevalence and risk factors. J. Antimicrob. Chemother., 71 (10). S. 2957 - 2964. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1460-2091

Hamprecht, A., Seibold, M., Antweiler, E., Saleh, A., Tintelnot, K. and Rickerts, V. (2015). Epidemiology and susceptibility of Fusarium species from human infections in Germany. Mycoses, 58. S. 38 - 39. HOBOKEN: WILEY-BLACKWELL. ISSN 1439-0507

Jazmati, N., Jazmati, T. and Hamprecht, A. (2017). Importance of pre-enrichment for detection of third-generation cephalosporin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (3GCREB) from rectal swabs. Eur. J. Clin. Microbiol. Infect. Dis., 36 (10). S. 1847 - 1852. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1435-4373

Martin, R., Ebner, S., Hamprecht, A., Walther, G., Wagener, J. and Kurzai, O. (2018). Antifungal drug susceptibility of Candida auris isolates from German hospitals. Mycoses, 61. S. 34 - 36. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1439-0507

Maschmeyer, G., Carratala, J., Buchheidt, D., Hamprecht, A., Heussel, C. P., Kahl, C., Lorenz, J., Neumann, S., Rieger, C., Ruhnke, M., Salwender, H., Schmidt-Hieber, M. and Azoulay, E. (2015). Diagnosis and antimicrobial therapy of lung infiltrates in febrile neutropenic patients (allogeneic SCT excluded): updated guidelines of the Infectious Diseases Working Party (AGIHO) of the German Society of Hematology and Medical Oncology (DGHO). Ann. Oncol., 26 (1). S. 21 - 34. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1569-8041

Meretuk, D. and Hamprecht, A. (2015). Development of a simple algorithm for the differentiation of the five common Candida species in clinical blood cultures using Gram stain morphology. Mycoses, 58. S. 15 - 16. HOBOKEN: WILEY-BLACKWELL. ISSN 1439-0507

Mischnik, A., Baumert, P., Hamprecht, A., Rohde, A. M., Peter, S., Feihl, S., Knobloch, J., Goelz, H., Kola, A., Obermann, B., Querbach, C., Willmann, M., Gebhardt, F., Tacconelli, E., Gastmeier, P., Seifert, H. and Kern, W. V. (2017). In vitro susceptibility to 19 agents other than beta-lactams among third-generation cephalosporin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae recovered on hospital admission. J. Antimicrob. Chemother., 72 (5). S. 1359 - 1364. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1460-2091

Risslegger, B., Zoran, T., Lackner, M., Aigner, M., Sanchez-Reus, F., Rezusta, A., Chowdhary, A., Taj-Aldeen, S. J., Arendrup, M. C., Oliveri, S., Kontoyiannis, D. P., Alastruey-Izquierdo, A., Lagrou, K., Lo Cascio, G., Meis, J. F., Buzina, W., Farina, C., Drogari-Apiranthitou, M., Grancini, A., Tortorano, A. M., Willinger, B., Hamprecht, A., Johnson, E., Klingspor, L., Arsic-Arsenijevic, V., Cornely, O. A., Meletiadis, J., Prammer, W., Tullio, V., Vehreschild, J. -J., Trovato, L., Lewis, R. E., Segal, E., Rath, P. -M., Hamal, P., Rodriguez-Iglesias, M., Roilides, E., Arikan-Akdagli, S., Chakrabarti, A., Colombo, A. L., Fernandez, M. S., Martin-Gomez, M. T., Badali, H., Petrikkos, G., Klimko, N., Heimann, S. M., Houbraken, J., Uzun, O., Edlinger, M., de la Fuente, S. and Lass-Floerl, C. (2017). A prospective international Aspergillus terreus survey: an EFISG, ISHAM and ECMM joint study. Clin. Microbiol. Infect., 23 (10). S. 7760 - 7765. OXFORD: ELSEVIER SCI LTD. ISSN 1469-0691

Russo, A., Falcone, M., Gutierrez-Gutierrez, B., Calbo, E., Almirante, B., Viale, P. L., Oliver, A., Ruiz-Garbajosa, R., Gasch, O., Gozalo, M., Pitout, J., Akova, M., Pena, C., Cisneros, J. M., Hernandez-Torres, A., Farcomeni, A., Prim, N., Origun, J., Bou, G., Tacconelli, E., Tumbarello, M., Hamprecht, A., Karaiskos, I, de la Calle, C., Perez, F., Schwaber, M. J., Bermejo, J., Lowman, W., Hsueh, R-R, Mora-Rillo, M., Rodriguez-Gomez, J., Souli, M., Bonomo, R. A., Paterson, D. L., Carmeli, Y., Pascual, A., Rodriguez-Bano, J. and Venditti, M. (2018). Predictors of outcome in patients with severe sepsis or septic shock due to extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents, 52 (5). S. 577 - 586. AMSTERDAM: ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV. ISSN 1872-7913

Seidel, D., Meissner, A., Lackner, M., Piepenbrock, E., Salmanton-Garcia, J., Mellinghoff, S., Hamprecht, A., Vehreschild, M. J. G., Vehreschild, J., Wisplinghoff, H. and Cornely, A. (2018). Prognostic factors in 260 adults with invasive Scedosporium spp. and Lomentospora prolificans infections from the literature and FungiScope (TM). Mycoses, 61. S. 8 - 9. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1439-0507

Seufert, R., Sedlacek, L., Kahl, B., Hogardt, M., Hamprecht, A., Haase, G., Gunzer, F., Haas, A., Grauling-Halama, S., MacKenzie, C. R., Essig, A., Stehling, F., Sutharsan, S., Dittmer, S., Killengray, D., Schmidt, D., Eskandarian, N., Steinmann, E., Buer, J., Hagen, F., Meis, J. F., Rath, P. -M. and Steinmann, J. (2018). Prevalence and characterization of azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in patients with cystic fibrosis: a prospective multicentre study in Germany. J. Antimicrob. Chemother., 73 (8). S. 2047 - 2054. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1460-2091

Steinbach, A., Bacher, P., Kniemeyer, O., Hamprecht, A., Assenmacher, M., Vehreschild, M., Vehreschild, J., Koehler, P., Brakhage, A., Scheffold, A. and Cornely, O. (2015). Detection of invasive Mycosis by means of Fungus-reactive CD4+T Cells. Internist, 56. S. 58 - 60. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1432-1289

Steinbach, A., Bacher, P., Kniemeyer, O., Hamprecht, A., Assenmacher, M., Vehreschild, M., Vehreschild, J., Koehler, P., Brakhage, A., Scheffold, A. and Cornely, O. (2015). Detection of invasive Mycosis by means of Fungus-reactive CD4+T Cells. Internist, 56. S. 58 - 60. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1432-1289

Wahlers, K., Vehreschild, M. J. G., Hamprecht, A., de Hoog, S., Vehreschild, J. and Cornely, O. A. (2014). Fungiscope (TM) - Global Emerging Fungal Infection Registry. Oncol. Res. Treat., 37. S. 34 - 35. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Zwingelberg, S., Hamrah, P., Hamprecht, A., Walker, S., Bachmann, B., Cursiefen, C. and Roters, S. (2020). The painless foreign body. Ophthalmologe, 117 (6). S. 575 - 579. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1433-0423

de Hoog, G. S., Robert, V., Lackner, M., Vehreschild, M. J. G. T., Vehreschild, J. J., Symoens, F., Goettlich-Fligg, E., Garcia-Hermoso, D., Harun, A., Meyer, W., Chen, S. C. A., Hamprecht, A., Fischer, G., Buzina, W., Cornely, O. A., Guarro, J., Cano, J. and Horre, R. (2011). Information retrieval as a basis for understanding Pseudallescheria and Scedosporium. Mycoses, 54. S. 1 - 5. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1439-0507

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