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Journal Article

Althoff, K., Leitzke, S., Herling, C., Frenzel, L., Schiller, J., Herling, M., Holtick, U., Scheid, C. and Theurich, S. (2018). Metabolic status and immune activation prior conditioning influence clinical outcomes in patients after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Oncol. Res. Treat., 41. S. 66 - 67. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Andersson, E. I., Puetzer, S., Yadav, B., Dufva, O., Khan, S., He, L., Sellner, L., Schrader, A., Crispatzu, G., Oles, M., Zhang, H., Adnan-Awad, S., Lagstrom, S., Bellanger, D., Mpindi, J. P., Eldfors, S., Pemovska, T., Pietarinen, P., Lauhio, A., Tomska, K., Cuesta-Mateos, C., Faber, E., Koschmieder, S., Bruemmendorf, T. H., Kytola, S., Savolainen, E-R, Siitonen, T., Ellonen, P., Kallioniemi, O., Wennerberg, K., Ding, W., Stern, M-H, Huber, W., Anders, S., Tang, J., Aittokallio, T., Zenz, T., Herling, M. and Mustjoki, S. (2018). Discovery of novel drug sensitivities in T-PLL by high-throughput ex vivo drug testing and mutation profiling. Leukemia, 32 (3). S. 774 - 788. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5551

Coppe, A., Andersson, E. I., Binatti, A., Gasparini, V. R., Bortoluzzi, S., Clemente, M., Herling, M., Maciejewski, J., Mustjoki, S. and Bortoluzzi, S. (2017). Genomic landscape characterization of large granular lymphocyte leukemia with a systems genetics approach. Leukemia, 31 (5). S. 1243 - 1248. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5551

Freeman, C. L., Dixon, M., Houghton, R., Kreuzer, K-A, Fingerle-Rowson, G., Herling, M., Humphrey, K., Boettcher, S., de Costa, C. S., Iglesias, V., Stilgenbauer, S., Gribben, J., Hallek, M. and Goede, V. (2016). Role of CD20 expression and other pre-treatment risk factors in the development of infusion-related reactions in patients with CLL treated with obinutuzumab. Leukemia, 30 (8). S. 1763 - 1768. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5551

Holtick, U., Herling, M., Pflug, N., Chakupurakal, G., Leitzke, S., Wolf, D., Hallek, M., Scheid, C. and Chemnitz, J. (2016). Similar outcome after allogeneic stem cell transplantation with a modified FLAMSA conditioning protocol containing treosulfan in an elderly population with AML. Bone Marrow Transplant., 51. S. S442 - 1. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5365

Holtick, U., Herling, M., Theurich, S., Frenzel, L., Herling, C., Schiller, J., Hallek, M. and Scheid, C. (2018). A phase II study to investigate the efficacy of short-term everolimus in addition to post-transplant cyclophosphamide as graft-versus-host-prophylaxis after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (OCTET-EVER). Oncol. Res. Treat., 41. S. 63 - 64. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Hopfinger, G. and Herling, M. (2015). T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia - an update. Oncol. Res. Treat., 38. S. 257 - 258. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Knittel, G., Korovkina, D., Liedgens, P., Rehkaemper, T., Fritz, C., Torgovnick, A., Al-Baldawi, Y., Al-Maarri, M., Cun, Y., Fedorchenko, O., Riabinska, A., Beleggia, F., Nguyen, P. -H., Wunderlich, F. T., Ortmann, M., Montesinos-Rongen, M., Tausch, E., Stilgenbauer, S., Frenzel, L., Herling, M., Herling, C., Bahlo, J., Hallek, M., Peifer, M., Buettner, R., Persigehl, T. and Reinhardt, H. C. (2017). Novel models of high-risk CLL reveal an actionable PARP1 dependence in ATM-defective CLL in vivo. Oncol. Res. Treat., 40. S. 27 - 28. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262


Lohmann, G., Vasyutina, E., Bloehdorn, J., Reinart, N., Schneider, J. I., Babu, V., Knittel, G., Crispatzu, G., Mayer, P., Prinz, C., Muenzner, J. K., Biersack, B., Efremov, D. G., Chessa, L., Herling, C. D., Stilgenbauer, S., Hallek, M., Schobert, R., Reinhardt, H. C., Schumacher, B. and Herling, M. (2017). Targeting transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair overcomes resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Leukemia, 31 (5). S. 1177 - 1187. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5551

Oberbeck, S., Schrader, A., Warner, K., Jungherz, D., Crispatzu, G., von Jan, J., Chmielewski, M., Ianevski, A., Diebner, H. H., Mayer, P., Ados, A. Kondo, Wahnschaffe, L., Braun, T., Mueller, T. A., Wagle, P., Bouska, A., Neumann, T., Puetzer, S., Varghese, L., Pflug, N., Thelen, M., Makalowski, J., Riet, N., Goex, H. J. M., Rappl, G., Altmueller, J., Kotrova, M., Persigehl, T., Hopfinger, G., Hansmann, M. L., Schloesser, H., Stilgenbauer, S., Duerig, J., Mougiakakos, D., Von Bergwelt-Baildon, M., Roeder, I, Hartmann, S., Hallek, M., Moriggl, R., Brueggemann, M., Aittokallio, T., Iqbal, J., Newrzela, S., Abken, H. and Herling, M. (2020). Noncanonical effector functions of the T-memory-like T-PLL cell are shaped by cooperative TCL1A and TCR signaling. Blood, 136 (24). S. 2786 - 2803. WASHINGTON: AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY. ISSN 1528-0020

Piechotta, V, John, L., Jung, J., Graziani, G., Reinhardt, H., Holtick, U., Semrau, R., Trog, D., Voelker, L. A., Herling, M., Fend, F., Harder, L., Weinhold, N., Kriegsmann, K., Merz, M., Delorme, S., Derlin, T., Raab, M. S., Goede, V, Schubert, M., Hohloch, K., Senf, B., Simon, S. T., Baumann, W., Fetscher, S., Schinke, M., Holtkamp, U., Einsele, H., Engelhardt, M., Goldschmidt, H., Scheid, C. and Skoetz, N. (2020). Interdisciplinary guideline on diagnosis, therapy, and follow-up of adult patients with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance or multiple myeloma. Oncol. Res. Treat., 43 (SUPPL 4). S. 96 - 97. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Posdzich, P., Herling, M., Chemnitz, J., Leitzke, S., Di Christanziano, V, Hoeller, K., Kaiser, R., Scheid, C. and Holtick, U. (2016). BKV disease during the first 100 days after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation - results of a screening program and retrospective analysis. Oncol. Res. Treat., 39. S. 80 - 81. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Puetzer, S., Varghese, L., von Jan, J., Braun, T., Giri, A. K., Mayer, P., Riet, N., Timonen, S., Oberbeck, S., Kuusanmaki, H., Mustjoki, S., Stern, M. -H., Aittokallio, T., Newrzela, S., Schrader, A. and Herling, M. (2020). Reinstated p53 response and high anti-T-cell leukemia activity by the novel alkylating deacetylase inhibitor tinostamustine. Leukemia, 34 (9). S. 2513 - 2519. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5551

Richardson, T., Herling, M., Cruz-Aguilar, M. R., Frenzel, L. P., Hallek, M., Scheid, C. and Holtick, U. (2020). High-dose melphalan and autologous stem cell transplantation in elderly patients >= 70 years is safe and effective - A retrospective analysis. Oncol. Res. Treat., 43 (SUPPL 4). S. 107 - 108. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Scheid, C., Chemnitz, J., Herling, M., Pflug, N., Theurich, S., Burst, A., Leitzke, S., von Bergwelt-Baildon, M., Hallek, M. and Holtick, U. (2016). A ROLE FOR ALLOGENEIC STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION IN THE ERA OF NOVEL AGENTS FOR HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA? Haematologica, 101. S. 55 - 57. PAVIA: FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION. ISSN 0390-6078

Schrader, A., Crispatzu, G., Oberbeck, S., Mayer, P., Putzer, S., von Jan, J., Vasyutina, E., Warner, K., Weit, N., Pflug, N., Braun, T., Andersson, E. I., Yadav, B., Riabinska, A., Maurer, B., Ferreira, M. S. Ventura, Beier, F., Altmueller, J., Lanasa, M., Herling, C. D., Haferlach, T., Stilgenbauer, S., Hopfinger, G., Peifer, M., Bruemmendorf, T. H., Nuernberg, P., Elenitoba-Johnson, K. S. J., Zha, S., Hallek, M., Moriggl, R., Reinhardt, H. C., Stern, M. -H., Mustjoki, S., Newrzela, S., Frommolt, P. and Herling, M. (2018). Actionable perturbations of damage responses by TCL1/ATM and epigenetic lesions form the basis of T-PLL. Nat. Commun., 9. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 2041-1723

Sellner, L., Oles, M., Anders, S., Zapatka, M., Lukas, M., Slabicki, M., Blume, C., Huellein, J., Stolz, T., Muley, C., Sill, M., Oakes, C. C., Dietrich, S., Merkel, O., Jauch, A., Schrader, A., Hensel, M., Rossi, D., Zirlik, K., Herling, M., Nguyen-Khac, F., Seiffert, M., Dreger, P., von Kalle, C., Ho, A. D., Glimm, H., Duerig, J., Ringshausen, I., Huber, W. and Zenz, T. (2014). SYSTEMATIC DRUG SENSITIVITY SCREENING IN LYMPHOID MALIGNANCIES IDENTIFIES VULNERABILITIES OF CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA WITH HIGH RISK ABERRATIONS. Haematologica, 99. S. 316 - 317. PAVIA: FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION. ISSN 0390-6078

Spinner, S., Crispatzu, G., Yi, J-H, Munkhbaatar, E., Mayer, P., Hoeckendorf, U., Mueller, N., Li, Z., Schader, T., Bendz, H., Hartmann, S., Yabal, M., Pechloff, K., Heikenwalder, M., Kelly, G. L., Strasser, A., Peschel, C., Hansmann, M-L, Ruland, J., Keller, U., Newrzela, S., Herling, M. and Jost, P. J. (2016). Re-activation of mitochondrial apoptosis inhibits T-cell lymphoma survival and treatment resistance. Leukemia, 30 (7). S. 1520 - 1531. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5551

Vasyutina, E., Boucas, J. M., Bloehdorn, J., Aszyk, C., Crispatzu, G., Stiefelhagen, M., Breuer, A., Mayer, P., Lengerke, C., Doehner, H., Beutner, D., Rosenwald, A., Stilgenbauer, S., Hallek, M., Benner, A. and Herling, M. (2015). The regulatory interaction of EVI1 with the TCL1A oncogene impacts cell survival and clinical outcome in CLL. Leukemia, 29 (10). S. 2003 - 2015. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5551

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