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Journal Article

Pfaar, O., Calderon, M. A., Andrews, C. P., Angjeli, E., Bergmann, K. C., Bonlokke, J. H., de Blay, F., Devillier, P., Ellis, A. K., van Wijk, R. Gerth, Hohlfeld, J. M., Horak, F., Jacobs, R. L., Jacobsen, L., Jutel, M., Kaul, S., Larche, M., Larenas-Linnemann, D., Moesges, R., Nolte, H., Patel, P., Peoples, L., Rabin, R. L., Rather, C., Salapatek, A. M., Sigsgaard, T., Thaarup, S., Yang, J., Zieglmayer, P., Zuberbier, T. and Demoly, P. (2017). Allergen exposure chambers: harmonizing current concepts and projecting the needs for the future - an EAACI Position Paper. Allergy, 72 (7). S. 1035 - 1043. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1398-9995

Pfaar, O., Hohlfeld, J. M., Al-Kadah, B., Hauswald, B., Homey, B., Hunzelmann, N., Schliemann, S., Velling, P., Worm, M. and Klimek, L. (2017). Dose-response relationship of a new Timothy grass pollen allergoid in comparison with a 6-grass pollen allergoid. Clin. Exp. Allergy, 47 (11). S. 1445 - 1456. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1365-2222

Toncheva, A. A., Potaczek, D. P., Schedel, M., Gersting, S. W., Michel, S., Krajnov, N., Gaertner, V. D., Klingbeil, J. M., Illig, T., Franke, A., Winkler, C., Hohlfeld, J. M., Vogelberg, C., von Berg, A., Bufe, A., Heinzmann, A., Laub, O., Rietschel, E., Simma, B., Genuneit, J., Muntau, A. C. and Kabesch, M. (2015). Childhood asthma is associated with mutations and gene expression differences of ORMDL genes that can interact. Allergy, 70 (10). S. 1288 - 1300. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1398-9995

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