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Journal Article

Garbes, L., Kim, K., Riess, A., Hoyer-Kuhn, H., Beleggia, F., Bevot, A., Kim, M., Huh, Y., Kweon, H., Savarirayan, R., Amor, D., Kakadia, P. M., Lindig, T., Kagan, K. O., Becker, J., Boyadjiev, S. A., Wollnik, B., Semler, O., Bohlander, S. K., Netzer, C. and Kim, J. (2015). Mutations in SEC24D Cause a Syndromic Form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta with Craniofacial Dysplasia. Mol. Biol. Cell, 26. BETHESDA: AMER SOC CELL BIOLOGY. ISSN 1939-4586

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Hoyer-Kuhn, H., Franklin, J., Allo, G., Kron, M., Netzer, C., Eysel, P., Hero, B., Schoenau, E. and Semler, O. (2016). Safety and efficacy of denosumab in children with osteogenesis imperfecta - a first prospective trial. J. Musculoskelet. Neuronal Interact., 16 (1). S. 24 - 33. NAFPLION: JMNI. ISSN 1108-7161

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Hoyer-Kuhn, H., Semler, O., Stark, C., Struebing, N., Goebel, O. and Schoenau, E. (2014). A specialized rehabilitation approach improves mobility in children with osteogenesis imperfecta. J. Musculoskelet. Neuronal Interact., 14 (4). S. 445 - 454. NAFPLION: JMNI. ISSN 1108-7161

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Stark, C., Herkenrath, P., Hollmann, H., Waltz, S., Becker, I., Hoebing, L., Semler, O., Hoyer-Kuhn, H., Duran, I., Hero, B., Hadders-Algra, M. and Schoenau, E. (2016). Early vibration assisted physiotherapy in toddlers with cerebral palsy - a randomized controlled pilot trial. J. Musculoskelet. Neuronal Interact., 16 (3). S. 183 - 193. NAFPLION: JMNI. ISSN 1108-7161

Stark, C., Hoyer-Kuhn, H., Knoop, K., Schoenau, H., Schoenau, E. and Semler, O. (2014). Secondary forms of osteoporosis. Special features of diagnostics in childhood and adolescence. Z. Rheumatol., 73 (4). S. 335 - 342. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1435-1250

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