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Journal Article

Jenni, K., Kunkemoeller, S., Bruening, D., Lorenz, T., Sidis, Y., Schneidewind, A., Nugroho, A. A., Rosch, A., Khomskii, D. I. and Braden, M. (2019). Interplay of Electronic and Spin Degrees in Ferromagnetic SrRuO3: Anomalous Softening of the Magnon Gap and Stiffness. Phys. Rev. Lett., 123 (1). COLLEGE PK: AMER PHYSICAL SOC. ISSN 1079-7114

Jenni, K., Wirth, F., Dietrich, K., Berger, L., Sidis, Y., Kunkemoeller, S., Grams, C. P., Khomskii, D., I, Hemberger, J. and Braden, M. (2020). Evidence for current-induced phase coexistence in Ca2RuO4 and its influence on magnetic order. Phys. Rev. Mater., 4 (8). COLLEGE PK: AMER PHYSICAL SOC. ISSN 2475-9953

Kunkemoeller, S., Jenni, K., Gorkov, D., Stunault, A., Streltsov, S. and Braden, M. (2019). Magnetization density distribution in the metallic ferromagnet SrRuO3 determined by polarized neutron diffraction. Phys. Rev. B, 100 (5). COLLEGE PK: AMER PHYSICAL SOC. ISSN 2469-9969

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