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Journal Article

Kirsebom, O. S., Tengblad, O., Lica, R., Munch, M., Riisager, K., Fynbo, H. O. U., Borge, M. J. G., Madurga, M., Marroquin, I., Andreyev, A. N., Berry, T. A., Christensen, E. R., Fernandez, P. Diaz, Doherty, D. T., Van Duppen, P., Fraile, L. M., Gallardo, M. C., Greenlees, P. T., Harkness-Brennan, L. J., Hubbard, N., Huyse, M., Jensen, J. H., Johansson, H., Jonson, B., Judson, D. S., Konki, J., Lazarus, I., Lund, M. V., Marginean, N., Marginean, R., Perea, A., Mihai, C., Negret, A., Page, R. D., Pucknell, V., Rahkila, P., Sorlin, O., Sotty, C., Swartz, J. A., Sorensen, H. B., Toernqvist, H., Vedia, V., Warr, N. and De Witte, H. (2018). First Accurate Normalization of the beta-delayed alpha Decay of N-16 and Implications for the C-12(alpha,gamma)O-16 Astrophysical Reaction Rate. Phys. Rev. Lett., 121 (14). COLLEGE PK: AMER PHYSICAL SOC. ISSN 1079-7114

Lund, M. V., Andreyev, A., Borge, M. J. G., Cederkall, J., De Witte, H., Fraile, L. M., Fynbo, H. O. U., Greenlees, P. T., Harkness-Brennan, L. J., Howard, A. M., Huyse, M., Jonson, B., Judson, D. S., Kirsebom, O. S., Konki, J., Kurcewicz, J., Lazarus, I., Lica, R., Lindberg, S., Madurga, M., Marginean, N., Marginean, R., Marroquin, I., Mihai, C., Munch, M., Nacher, E., Negret, A., Nilsson, T., Page, R. D., Pascu, S., Perea, A., Pucknell, V., Rahkila, P., Rapisarda, E., Riisager, K., Rotaru, F., Sotty, C., Stanoiu, M., Tengblad, O., Turturica, A., Van Duppen, P., Vedia, V., Wadsworth, R. and Warr, N. (2016). Beta-delayed proton emission from Mg-20. Eur. Phys. J. A, 52 (10). NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1434-601X

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