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Journal Article

Santos, C., Fondevila, M., Ballard, D., Banemann, R., Bento, A. M., Borsting, C., Branicki, W., Brisighelli, F., Burrington, M., Capal, T., Chaitanya, L., Daniel, R., Decroyer, V., England, R., Gettings, K. B., Gross, T. E., Haas, C., Harteveld, J., Hoff-Olsen, P., Hoffmann, A., Kayser, M., Kohler, P., Linacre, A., Mayr-Eduardoff, M., McGovern, C., Morling, N., O'Donnell, G., Parson, W., Pascali, V. L., Porto, M. J., Roseth, A., Schneider, P. M., Sijen, T., Stenzl, V., Court, D. Syndercombe, Templeton, J. E., Turanska, M., Vallone, P. M., van Oorschot, R. A. H., Zatkalikova, L., Carracedo, A. and Phillips, C. (2015). Forensic ancestry analysis with two capillary electrophoresis ancestry informative marker (AIM) panels: Results of a collaborative EDNAP exercise. Forensic Sci. Int.-Genet., 19. S. 56 - 68. CLARE: ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD. ISSN 1878-0326

Tomas, C., Axler-DiPerte, G., Budimlija, Z. M., Borsting, C., Coble, M. D., Decker, A. E., Eisenberg, A., Fang, R., Fondevila, M., Fredslund, S. Frisk, Gonzalez, S., Hansen, A. J., Hoff-Olsen, P., Haas, C., Kohler, P., Kriegel, A. K., Lindblom, B., Manohar, F., Maronas, O., Mogensen, H. S., Neureuther, K., Nilsson, H., Scheible, M. K., Schneider, P. M., Sonntag, M. L., Stangegaard, M., Syndercombe-Court, D., Thacker, C. R., Vallone, P. M., Westen, A. A. and Morling, N. (2011). Autosomal SNP typing of forensic samples with the GenPlex (TM) HID System: Results of a collaborative study. Forensic Sci. Int.-Genet., 5 (5). S. 369 - 376. CLARE: ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD. ISSN 1872-4973

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