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Journal Article

Defrere, D., Absil, O., Berger, J. -P., Boulet, T., Danchi, W. C., Ertel, S., Gallenne, A., Henault, F., Hinz, P., Huby, E., Ireland, M., Kraus, S., Labadie, L., Le Bouquin, J. -B., Martin, G., Matter, A., Merand, A., Mennesson, B., Minardi, S., Monnier, J. D., Norris, B., de Xivry, G. Orban, Pedretti, E., Pott, J. -U., Reggiani, M., Serabyn, E., Surdej, J., Tristram, K. R. W. and Woillez, J. (2018). The path towards high-contrast imaging with the VLTI: the Hi-5 project. Exp. Astron., 46 (3). S. 475 - 496. DORDRECHT: SPRINGER. ISSN 1572-9508

Defrere, D., Leger, A., Absil, O., Beichman, C., Biller, B., Danchi, W. C., Ergenzinger, K., Eiroa, C., Ertel, S., Fridlund, M., Munoz, A. Garcia, Gillon, M., Glasse, A., Godolt, M., Grenfell, J. L., Kraus, S., Labadie, L., Lacour, S., Liseau, R., Martin, G., Mennesson, B., Micela, G., Minardi, S., Quanz, S. P., Rauer, H., Rinehart, S., Santos, N. C., Selsis, F., Surdej, J., Tian, F., Villaver, E., Wheatley, P. J. and Wyatt, M. (2018). Space-based infrared interferometry to study exoplanetary atmospheres. Exp. Astron., 46 (3). S. 543 - 561. DORDRECHT: SPRINGER. ISSN 1572-9508

Schulze, M., Fedorchenko, O., Zink, T. G., Knobbe-Thomsen, C. B., Kraus, S., Schwinn, S., Beilhack, A., Reifenberger, G., Monoranu, C. M., Siren, A-L, Jeanclos, E. and Gohla, A. (2016). Chronophin is a glial tumor modifier involved in the regulation of glioblastoma growth and invasiveness. Oncogene, 35 (24). S. 3163 - 3178. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5594

Weigelt, G., Hofmann, K. -H., Schertl, D., Clementel, N., Corcoran, M. F., Damineli, A., de Wit, W. -J., Grellmann, R., Groh, J., Guieu, S., Gull, T., Heininger, M., Hillier, D. J., Hummel, C. A., Kraus, S., Madura, T., Mehner, A., Merand, A., Millour, F., Moffat, A. F. J., Ohnaka, K., Patru, F., Petrov, R. G., Rengaswamy, S., Richardson, N. D., Rivinius, T., Schoeller, M., Teodoro, M. and Wittkowski, M. (2016). VLTI-AMBER velocity-resolved aperture-synthesis imaging of eta Carinae with a spectral resolution of 12 000 Studies of the primary star wind and innermost wind-wind collision zone. Astron. Astrophys., 594. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 1432-0746

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