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Journal Article

Eichler, Christian, Fromme, Julia, Thangarajah, Fabinshy, Puppe, Julian, Paepke, Stefan, Warm, Mathias and Malter, Wolfram (2019). Gene-expression Profiling - A Decision Impact Analysis: Decision Dependency on Oncotype DX (R) as a Function of Oncological Work Experience in 117 Cases. Anticancer Res., 39 (1). S. 297 - 304. ATHENS: INT INST ANTICANCER RESEARCH. ISSN 1791-7530

Fasching, Peter A., Jud, Sebastian M., Hauschild, Maik, Kuemmel, Sherko, Schuette, Martin, Warm, Matthias, Hanf, Volker, Grab, Dieter, Krocker, Jutta, Stickeler, Elmar, Kreienberg, Rolf, Mueller, Thomas, Kuehn, Thorsten, Wolf, Christopher, Kahlert, Steffen, Paepke, Stefan, Berghorn, Michael, Muth, Mathias, Baier, Monika, Wackwitz, Birgit, Schulz-Wendtland, Ruediger, Beckmann, Matthias W. and Lux, Michael P. (2014). FemZone trial: a randomized phase II trial comparing neoadjuvant letrozole and zoledronic acid with letrozole in primary breast cancer patients. BMC Cancer, 14. LONDON: BMC. ISSN 1471-2407

Hahnen, Eric, Lederer, Bianca ORCID: 0000-0002-4512-2226, Hauke, Jan, Loibl, Sibylle, Kroeber, Sandra, Schneeweiss, Andreas, Denkert, Carsten, Fasching, Peter A., Blohmer, Jens U., Jackisch, Christian, Paepke, Stefan, Gerber, Bernd, Kuemmel, Sherko, Schem, Christian, Neidhardt, Guido, Huober, Jens, Rhiem, Kerstin, Costa, Serban, Altmueller, Janine, Hanusch, Claus, Thiele, Holger, Mueller, Volkmar, Nuernberg, Peter, Karn, Thomas ORCID: 0000-0002-3264-6573, Nekljudova, Valentina, Untch, Michael, von Minckwitz, Gunter and Schmutzler, Rita K. (2017). Germline Mutation Status, Pathological Complete Response, and Disease-Free Survival in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Secondary Analysis of the GeparSixto Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Oncol., 3 (10). S. 1378 - 1386. CHICAGO: AMER MEDICAL ASSOC. ISSN 2374-2445

Thangarajah, Fabinshy, Eichler, Christian, Fromme, Julia, Malter, Wolfram, Radosa, Julia Caroline, Ludwig, Sebastian, Puppe, Julian, Paepke, Stefan and Warm, Matthias (2019). The impact of EndoPredict((R))on decision making with increasing oncological work experience: can overtreatment be avoided? Arch. Gynecol. Obstet., 299 (5). S. 1437 - 1443. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1432-0711

Von Minckwitz, Gunter, Hahnen, Eric, Fasching, Peter A., Hauke, Jan, Schneeweiss, Andreas, Salat, Christoph, Rezai, Mandi, Blohmer, Jens U., Zahm, Dirk Michael, Jackisch, Christian, Gerber, Bernd, Klare, Peter, Kummel, Sherko, Eidtmann, Holger, Paepke, Stefan, Nekljudova, Valentina, Le Loibl, Sibyl, Untch, Michael and Schmutzler, Rita K. (2014). Pathological complete response (pCR) rates after carboplatin-containing neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with germline BRCA (gBRCA) mutation and triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC): Results from GeparSixto. J. Clin. Oncol., 32 (15). ALEXANDRIA: AMER SOC CLINICAL ONCOLOGY. ISSN 1527-7755

von Minckwitz, Gunter, Loibl, Sibylle, Jackisch, Christian, Paepke, Stefan, Nestle-Kraemling, Caroline, Lux, Michael P., Maass, Nico, Schmutzler, Rita, du Bois, Andreas, Wallwiener, Diethelm, Vescia, Sabine, Budischewski, Kai and Kaufmann, Manfred (2011). The GISS Trial: a Phase II Prevention Trial of Screening Plus Goserelin, Ibandronate, versus Screening Alone in Premenopausal Women at Increased Risk of Breast Cancer. Cancer Epidemiol. Biomarkers Prev., 20 (10). S. 2141 - 2150. PHILADELPHIA: AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH. ISSN 1538-7755

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