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Journal Article

Brendel, M., Palleis, C., Prix, C., Finze, A., Boetzel, K., Danek, A., Hoellerhage, M., Beyer, L., Sauerbeck, J., Rauchmann, B., Stephens, A., Drzezga, A., van Eimeren, T., Barthel, H., Patt, M., Sabri, O., Villemagne, V., Bartenstein, P., Perneczky, R., Haass, C., Levin, J. and Hoeglinger, G. (2020). F-18-PI-2620 Tau-PET in Corticobasal Syndrome. Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging, 47 (SUPPL 1). S. S93 - 1. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1619-7089

Buschiazzo, A., Frisoni, G., Galluzzi, S., Perneczky, R., Drzezga, A., van Berckel, B., Ossenkoppele, R., Guedj, E., Didic, M., Mecocci, P., Dottorini, M., Bauckneht, M., Sambuceti, G., Nobili, F. and Morbelli, S. (2016). Interaction between education and clinical expression of Alzheimer's disease across European countries: an 18F-FDG PET study of the European Alzheimer's Disease Consortium (EADC). Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging, 43. S. S116 - 2. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1619-7089

Trombella, S., Antelmi, L., Bosco, P., Redolfi, A., Tabouret-Viaud, C., Rager, O., Gold, G., Giannakopoulos, P., Ratib, O., Morbelli, S., Nobili, F. M., Perneczky, R., Didic, M., Guedj, E., Drzezga, A., Ossenkoppele, R., van Berckel, B., Frisoni, G. B. and Garibotto, V. (2016). Brain FDG-PET analysis in patients suspected with Alzheimer's disease: comparison between computer-aided reading using SPM and BRASS. Swiss Med. Wkly., 146. S. 84S - 85. MUTTENZ: E M H SWISS MEDICAL PUBLISHERS LTD. ISSN 1424-3997

Wesselman, L. M. P. d, van Lent, D. Melo, Schroeder, A., van de Rest, O., Peters, O., Menne, F., Fuentes, M., Priller, J., Spruth, E. J., Altenstein, S., Schneider, A., Fliessbach, K., Roeske, S., Wolfsgruber, S., Kleineidam, L., Spottke, A., Pross, V., Wiltfang, J., Vukovich, R., Schild, A. K., Duezel, E., Metzger, C. D., Glanz, W., Buerger, K., Janowitz, D., Perneczky, R., Tato, M., Teipel, S., Kilimann, I., Laske, C., Buchmann, M., Ramirez, A., Sikkes, S. A. M., Jessen, F., van der Flier, W. M. and Wagner, M. . Dietary patterns are related to cognitive functioning in elderly enriched with individuals at increased risk for Alzheimer's disease. Eur. J. Nutr.. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1436-6215

van der Zee, J., Gijselinck, I., Van Mossevelde, S., Perrone, F., Engelborghs, S., De Bleecker, J., Baets, J., Gelpi, E., Rojas-Garcia, R., Clarimon, J., Lleo, A., Diehl-Schmid, J., Alexopoulos, P., Perneczky, R., Synofzik, M., Just, J., Schoels, L., Graff, C., Thonberg, H., Borroni, B., Padovani, A., Jordanova, A., Sarafov, S., Tournev, I., de Mendonca, A., Miltenberger-Miltenyi, G., Simoes do Couto, F., Ramirez, A., Jessen, F., Heneka, M. T., Gomez-Tortosa, E., Danek, A., Cras, P., Vandenberghe, R., De Jonghe, P., De Deyn, P. P., Sleegers, K., Cruts, M. and Van Broeckhoven, C. (2016). TBK1 loss-of function and dominant-negative mutations in an extended European cohort of FTD and ALS patients. J. Neurochem., 138. S. 304 - 306. HOBOKEN: WILEY-BLACKWELL. ISSN 1471-4159

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