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Journal Article

Krumbholz, M., Bradtke, J., Stachel, D., Peters, O., Hero, B., Holter, W., Slany, R. and Metzler, M. (2015). From initiation to eradication: the lifespan of an MLL-rearranged therapy-related paediatric AML. Bone Marrow Transplant., 50 (10). S. 1382 - 1385. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5365

Lacour, A., Espinosa, A., Louwersheimer, E., Heilmann, S., Hernandez, I., Wolfsgruber, S., Fernandez, V., Wagner, H., Rosende-Roca, M., Mauleon, A., Moreno-Grau, S., Vargas, L., Pijnenburg, Y. A. L., Koene, T., Rodriguez-Gomez, O., Ortega, G., Ruiz, S., Holstege, H., Sotolongo-Grau, O., Kornhuber, J., Peters, O., Froelich, L., Huell, M., Ruether, E., Wiltfang, J., Scherer, M., Riedel-Heller, S., Alegret, M., Noethen, M. M., Scheltens, P., Wagner, M., Tarraga, L., Jessen, F., Boada, M., Maier, W., van der Flier, W. M., Becker, T., Ramirez, A. and Ruiz, A. (2017). Genome-wide significant risk factors for Alzheimer's disease: role in progression to dementia due to Alzheimer's disease among subjects with mild cognitive impairment. Mol. Psychiatr., 22 (1). S. 153 - 161. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5578

Meiberth, D., Hu, X., Schild, A. K., Spottke, A., Brosseron, F., Buerger, K., Fliessbach, K., Heneka, M. T., Kilimann, I, Laske, C., Peters, O., Priller, J., Schneider, A., Teipel, S., Wiltfang, J., Wagner, M., Duezel, E. and Jessen, F. (2020). Alzheimer's Disease biomarkers and cortical thickness in persons reporting subjective cognitive decline and healthy controls: Data derived from the DZNE DELCDODE-Study. Pharmacopsychiatry, 53 (2). S. 83 - 84. STUTTGART: GEORG THIEME VERLAG KG. ISSN 1439-0795

Wesselman, L. M. P. d, van Lent, D. Melo, Schroeder, A., van de Rest, O., Peters, O., Menne, F., Fuentes, M., Priller, J., Spruth, E. J., Altenstein, S., Schneider, A., Fliessbach, K., Roeske, S., Wolfsgruber, S., Kleineidam, L., Spottke, A., Pross, V., Wiltfang, J., Vukovich, R., Schild, A. K., Duezel, E., Metzger, C. D., Glanz, W., Buerger, K., Janowitz, D., Perneczky, R., Tato, M., Teipel, S., Kilimann, I., Laske, C., Buchmann, M., Ramirez, A., Sikkes, S. A. M., Jessen, F., van der Flier, W. M. and Wagner, M. . Dietary patterns are related to cognitive functioning in elderly enriched with individuals at increased risk for Alzheimer's disease. Eur. J. Nutr.. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1436-6215

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