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Journal Article

Alter, Peter ORCID: 0000-0002-2115-1743, Watz, Henrik, Kahnert, Kathrin, Pfeifer, Michael, Randerath, Winfried J., Andreas, Stefan, Waschki, Benjamin ORCID: 0000-0002-1070-3661, Kleibrink, Bjorn E., Welte, Tobias, Bals, Robert, Schulz, Holger, Biertz, Frank, Young, David, Vogelmeier, Claus F. and Jorres, Rudolf A. (2018). Airway obstruction and lung hyperinflation in COPD are linked to an impaired left ventricular diastolic filling. Respir. Med., 137. S. 14 - 23. LONDON: W B SAUNDERS CO LTD. ISSN 1532-3064

Boeing, Sebastian and Randerath, Winfried J. (2015). Chronic hypoventilation syndromes and sleep-related hypoventilation. J. Thorac. Dis., 7 (8). S. 1273 - 1286. SHATIN: AME PUBL CO. ISSN 2077-6624

Dietlein, Felix, Kalb, Bastian, Jokic, Mladen, Noll, Elisa M., Strong, Alexander, Tharun, Lars, Ozretic, Luka, Kuenstlinger, Helen, Kambartel, Kato, Randerath, Winfried J., Juengst, Christian, Schmitt, Anna, Torgovnick, Alessandro, Richters, Andre, Rauh, Daniel ORCID: 0000-0002-1970-7642, Siedek, Florian, Persigehl, Thorsten, Mauch, Cornelia, Bartkova, Jirina, Bradley, Allan ORCID: 0000-0002-2349-8839, Sprick, Martin R. ORCID: 0000-0001-9691-7574, Trumpp, Andreas ORCID: 0000-0002-6212-3466, Rad, Roland, Saur, Dieter ORCID: 0000-0001-5874-0210, Bartek, Jiri, Wolf, Juergen, Buettner, Reinhard, Thomas, Roman K. and Reinhardt, H. Christian (2015). A Synergistic Interaction between Chk1-and MK2 Inhibitors in KRAS-Mutant Cancer. Cell, 162 (1). S. 146 - 160. CAMBRIDGE: CELL PRESS. ISSN 1097-4172

Hagmeyer, Lars, Theegarten, Dirk, Treml, Marcel, Pietzke-Calcagnile, Anja, Herkenrath, Simon Dominik and Randerath, Winfried J. (2018). Transbronchial cryobiopsy in interstitial lung disease. Eur. Resp. J., 52. SHEFFIELD: EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOC JOURNALS LTD. ISSN 1399-3003

Hagmeyer, Lars, Theegarten, Dirk, Wohlschlaeger, Jeremias, Hager, Thomas, Treml, Marcel, Herkenrath, Simon Dominik, Hekmat, Khosro, Heldwein, Matthias and Randerath, Winfried J. (2019). Transbronchial cryobiopsy in fibrosing interstitial lung disease: modifications of the procedure lead to risk reduction. Thorax, 74 (7). S. 711 - 715. LONDON: BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1468-3296

Herkenrath, Simon Dominik, Treml, Marcel, Priegnitz, Christina, Galetke, Wolfgang and Randerath, Winfried J. (2018). Effects of respiratory muscle training (RMT) in patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Sleep Breath., 22 (2). S. 323 - 329. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1522-1709

Kessler, Romain, Casan-Clara, Pere, Koehler, Dieter, Tognella, Silvia, Luis Viejo, Jose, Dal Negro, Roberto W., Diaz-Lobato, Salvador, Reissig, Karina, Rodriguez Gonzalez-Moro, Jose Miguel ORCID: 0000-0002-8446-3373, Devouassoux, Gilles, Chavaillon, Jean-Michel, Botrus, Pierre, Arnal, Jean-Michel, Ancochea, Julio, Bergeron-Lafaurie, Anne, De Abajo, Carlos, Randerath, Winfried J., Bastian, Andreas, Cornelissen, Christian G., Nilius, Georg, Texereau, Joelle B. and Bourbeau, Jean (2018). COMET: a multicomponent home-based disease-management programme versus routine care in severe COPD. Eur. Resp. J., 51 (1). SHEFFIELD: EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOC JOURNALS LTD. ISSN 1399-3003

Randerath, Winfried J. (2016). Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and Airway Hyperreactivity in Asthma: Lessons for Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Ann. Am. Thoracic Society, 13 (11). S. 1885 - 1887. NEW YORK: AMER THORACIC SOC. ISSN 2325-6621

Randerath, Winfried J. (2018). Statement of the Association of Pneumological Clinics, the German Respiratory Society on the Coding of Invasive and NonInvasive Ventilation (NIV) in Intensive Care, and the German Society of Medical Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Pneumologie, 72 (8). S. 557 - 559. STUTTGART: GEORG THIEME VERLAG KG. ISSN 1438-8790

Randerath, Winfried J. and BaHammam, Ahmed S. (2020). Overlooking Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome: The Need for Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome Staging and Risk Stratification. Ann. Am. Thoracic Society, 17 (10). S. 1211 - 1213. NEW YORK: AMER THORACIC SOC. ISSN 2325-6621

Randerath, Winfried J., Treml, Marcel, Priegnitz, Christina, Hedner, Jan, Sommermeyer, Dirk, Zou, Ding, Ficker, Joachim H., Fietze, Ingo, Penzel, Thomas ORCID: 0000-0002-4304-0112, Sanner, Bernd and Grote, Ludger (2016). Parameters of Overnight Pulse Wave under Treatment in Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Respiration, 92 (3). S. 136 - 144. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 1423-0356

Reuter, Hannes, Herkenrath, Simon, Treml, Marcel, Halbach, Marcel, Steven, Daniel, Frank, Konrad, Castrogiovanni, Alessandra, Kietzmann, Ilona, Baldus, Stephan and Randerath, Winfried J. (2018). Sleep-disordered breathing in patients with cardiovascular diseases cannot be detected by ESS, STOP-BANG, and Berlin questionnaires. Clin. Res. Cardiol., 107 (11). S. 1071 - 1079. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1861-0692

Treml, Marcel, Herkenrath, Simon Dominik, Anduleit, Norbert, Pietruska, Karin, Schwaibold, Matthias and Randerath, Winfried J. (2018). Efficacy of a FOT-based auto-CPAP device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Eur. Resp. J., 52. SHEFFIELD: EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOC JOURNALS LTD. ISSN 1399-3003

Treml, Marcel, Herkenrath, Simon Dominik, Grote, Ludger, Hedner, Jan, Sommermeyer, Dirk, Ficker, Joachim H., Nilius, Georg and Randerath, Winfried J. (2018). The Effect of CPAP Therapy in Sleep Apnea Patients on Single Parameters of the Nocturnal Pulse Wave Analysis. Eur. Resp. J., 52. SHEFFIELD: EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOC JOURNALS LTD. ISSN 1399-3003

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