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Journal Article

Anderson, L. D., Makai, Z., Luisi, M., Andersen, M., Russeil, D., Samal, M. R., Schneider, N., Tremblin, P., Zavagno, A., Kirsanova, M. S., Ossenkopf-Okada, V and Sobolev, A. M. (2019). The Origin of [C II] 158 mu m Emission toward the H II Region Complex S235. Astrophys. J., 882 (1). BRISTOL: IOP PUBLISHING LTD. ISSN 1538-4357

Kirsanova, M. S., Ossenkopf-Okada, V, Anderson, L. D., Boley, P. A., Bieging, J. H., Pavlyuchenkov, Ya N., Luisi, M., Schneider, N., Andersen, M., Samal, M. R., Sobolev, A. M., Buchbender, C., Aladro, R. and Okada, Y. (2020). The PDR structure and kinematics around the compact HII regions S235 A and S235 C with [CII], [C-13 II], [O I], and HCO+ line profiles. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 497 (3). S. 2651 - 2670. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1365-2966

Langer, W. D., Pineda, J. L., Goldsmith, P. F., Chambers, E. T., Riquelme, D., Anderson, L. D., Luisi, M., Justen, M. and Buchbender, C. (2021). The dense warm ionized medium in the inner Galaxy. Astron. Astrophys., 651. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 1432-0746

Schneider, N., Simon, R., Guevara, C., Buchbender, C., Higgins, R. D., Okada, Y., Stutzki, J., Guesten, R., Anderson, L. D., Bally, J., Beuther, H., Bonne, L., Bontemps, S., Chambers, E., Csengeri, T., Graf, U. U., Gusdorf, A., Jacobs, K., Justen, M., Kabanovic, S., Karim, R., Luisi, M., Menten, K., Mertens, M., Mookerjea, B., Ossenkopf-Okada, V., Pabst, C., Pound, M. W., Richter, H., Reyes, N., Ricken, O., Roellig, M., Russeil, D., Sanchez-Monge, A., Sandell, G., Tiwari, M., Wiesemeyer, H., Wolfire, M., Wyrowski, F., Zavagno, A. and Tielens, A. G. G. M. (2020). FEEDBACK: a SOFIA Legacy Program to Study Stellar Feedback in Regions of Massive Star Formation. Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac., 132 (1016). BRISTOL: IOP PUBLISHING LTD. ISSN 1538-3873

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