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Colagrossi, L., Hermans, L. E., Salpini, R., Pas, S. D., Alvarez, M., Ben Ari, Z., Boland, G., Bruzzone, B., Coppola, N., Seguin-Devaux, C., Dyda, T., Garcia, F., Kaiser, R., Kose, S., Krarup, H., Lazarevic, I., Lunar, M. M., Maylin, S., Micheli, V., Mor, O., Paraschiv, S., Paraskevis, D., Poljak, M., Puchhammer-Stoeckl, E., Simon, F., Stanojevic, M., Stene-Johansen, K., Tihic, N., Trimoulet, P., Verheyen, J., Vince, A., Weis, N., Yalcinkaya, T., Lepej, S. Z., Boucher, C. A., Wensing, A. M., Perno, C. F. and Svicher, V. (2016). IMMUNE-ESCAPE MUTATIONS AND STOP-CODONS IN HBSAG CIRCULATES IN A RELEVANT PROPORTION OF PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC HBV INFECTION EXPOSED TO ANTI-HBV DRUGS IN EUROPE: IMPLICATIONS FOR HBV TRANSMISSION IN THE SETTING OF VACCINATION AND DISEASE PROGRESSION. J. Hepatol., 64. S. S367 - 2. AMSTERDAM: ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV. ISSN 1600-0641

Svicher, V., Neumann-Fraunea, M., Mirabelli, C., Salpini, R., Cento, V., Di Maio, V. C., Pollicita, M., Bertoli, A., Alteri, C., Aragri, M., Gori, C., Santoro, M. M., Salso, A., Rizzardini, G., Gubertini, G., Micheli, V., Niero, F., Magni, C., Trimoulet, P., Fleury, H., Vecchiet, J., Iapadre, N., Barlattani, A., Mario, T., Pasquazzi, C., Missale, G., Sarrecchia, C., Ceccherini-Silberstein, F., Andreoni, M., Angelico, M., Verhejen, J. and Perno, C. F. (2014). KEY GENETIC MARKERS IN THE FULL-LENGTH HBSAG GENE CORRELATE WITH HBV-DRIVEN CARCINOGENESIS BY AFFECTING HBSAG SECRETION AND RELEASE. Dig. Liver Dis., 46. S. E53 - 1. NEW YORK: ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC. ISSN 1878-3562

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