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Dedes, C., Roellig, M., Mookerjea, B., Okada, Y., Ossenkopf, V., Bruderer, S., Benz, A. O., Melchior, M., Kramer, C., Gerin, M., Guesten, R., Akyilmaz, M., Berne, O., Boulanger, F., De lange, G., Dubbeldam, L., France, K., Fuente, A., Goicoechea, J. R., Harris, A., Huisman, R., Jellema, W., Joblin, C., Klein, T., Le Petit, F., Lord, S., Martin, P., Martin-Pintado, J., Neufeld, D. A., Philipp, S., Phillips, T., Pilleri, P., Rizzo, J. R., Salez, M., Schieder, R., Simon, R., Siebertz, O., Stutzki, J., van der Tak, F., Teyssier, D. and Yorke, H. (2010). The origin of the [CII] emission in the S140 photon-dominated regions. New insights from HFI. Astron. Astrophys., 521. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 0004-6361

Joblin, C., Pilleri, P., Montillaud, J., Fuente, A., Gerin, M., Berne, O., Ossenkopf, V., Le Bourlot, J., Teyssier, D., Goicoechea, J. R., Le Petit, F., Roellig, M., Akyilmaz, M., Benz, A. O., Boulanger, F., Bruderer, S., Dedes, C., France, K., Guesten, R., Harris, A., Klein, T., Kramer, C., Lord, S. D., Martin, P. G., Martin-Pintado, J., Mookerjea, B., Okada, Y., Phillips, T. G., Rizzo, J. R., Simon, R., Stutzki, J., van der Tak, F., Yorke, H. W., Steinmetz, E., Jarchow, C., Hartogh, P., Honingh, C. E., Siebertz, O., Caux, E. and Colin, B. (2010). Gas morphology and energetics at the surface of PDRs: New insights with Herschel observations of NGC 7023. Astron. Astrophys., 521. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 1432-0746

Justtanont, K., Decin, L., Schoier, F. L., Maercker, M., Olofsson, H., Bujarrabal, V., Marston, A. P., Teyssier, D., Alcolea, J., Cernicharo, J., Dominik, C., de Koter, A., Melnick, G., Menten, K., Neufeld, D., Planesas, P., Schmidt, M., Szczerba, R. ORCID: 0000-0003-2886-4460, Waters, R., de Graauw, Th., Whyborn, N., Finn, T., Helmich, F., Siebertz, O., Schmuelling, F., Ossenkopf, V. and Lai, R. (2010). A HIFI preview of warm molecular gas around chi Cygni: first detection of H2O emission toward an S-type AGB star. Astron. Astrophys., 521. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 0004-6361

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