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Geyer, C. E., Jr., Garber, J. E., Gelber, R. D., Yothers, G., Taboada, M., Ross, L., Rastogi, P., Cui, K., Arahmani, A., Aktan, G., Armstrong, A. C., Arnedos, M., Balmana, J., Bergh, J., Bliss, J., Delaloge, S., Domchek, S. M., Eisen, A., Elsafy, F., Fein, L. E., Fielding, A., Ford, J. M., Friedman, S., Gelmon, K. A., Gianni, L., Gnant, M., Hollingsworth, S. J., Im, S-A, Jager, A., Lakhani, S. R., Janni, W., Linderholm, B., Liu, T-W, Loman, N., Korde, L., Loibl, S., Lucas, P. C., Marme, F., de Duenas, E. Martinez, McConnell, R., Phillips, K-A, Piccart, M., Rossi, G., Schmutzler, R., Senkus, E., Shao, Z., Sharma, P., Singer, C. F., Spanic, T., Stickeler, E., Toi, M., Traina, T. A., Viale, G., Zoppoli, G., Park, Y. H., Yerushalmi, R., Yang, H., Pang, D., Jung, K. H., Mailliez, A., Fan, Z., Tennevet, I, Zhang, J., Nagy, T., Sonke, G. S., Sun, Q., Parton, M., Colleoni, M. A., Schmidt, M., Brufsky, A. M., Razaq, W., Kaufman, B., Cameron, D., Campbell, C., Tutt, A. N. J. and Johannsson, O. Th (2022). Overall survival in the OlympiA phase Ill trial of adjuvant olaparib in patients with germime pathogenic variants in BRCA1/2 and high-risk, early breast cancer. Ann. Oncol., 33 (12). S. 1250 - 1269. AMSTERDAM: ELSEVIER. ISSN 1569-8041

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