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Ring, J., Beyer, K., Biedermann, T., Bircher, A., Fischer, M., Fuchs, T., Heller, A., Hoffmann, F., Huttegger, I, Jakob, T., Klimek, L., Kopp, M., V, Kugler, C., Lange, L., Pfaar, O., Rietschel, E., Rueff, F., Schnadt, S., Seifert, R., Stoecker, B., Treudler, R., Vogelberg, C., Werfel, T., Worm, M., Sitter, H. and Brockow, K. (2021). Guideline on Acute Therapy and Management of the Anaphylaxis - Update 2021. Allergologie, 44 (5). S. 356 - 388. DEISENHOFEN-MUENCHEN: DUSTRI-VERLAG DR KARL FEISTLE. ISSN 0344-5062

Schlaak, M., Schwind, S., Wetzig, T., Maschke, J., Treudler, R., Basara, N., Lange, T., Simon, J. C., Niederwieser, D. and Al-Ali, H. K. (2010). UVA (UVA-1) therapy for the treatment of acute GVHD of the skin. Bone Marrow Transplant., 45 (12). S. 1741 - 1749. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5365

Wedi, B., Aberer, W., Brockow, K., Dickel, H., Brehler, R., Jakob, T., Kreft, B., Mahler, V, Merk, H. F., Muelleneisen, N., Ott, H., Pfuetzner, W., Roeseler, S., Rueff, F., Sunderkoetter, C., Trautmann, A., Treudler, R., Worm, M. and Wurpts, G. (2021). Penicillin tolerance induction in pregnancy: Allergological statement on the recommendation of the current guideline on diagnosis and treatment of syphilis (AWMF register no. 059-002). Allergologie, 44 (2). S. 100 - 105. DEISENHOFEN-MUENCHEN: DUSTRI-VERLAG DR KARL FEISTLE. ISSN 0344-5062

Worm, M., Bauer, A., Wedi, B., Treudler, R., Pfuetzner, W., Brockow, K., Buhl, T., Zuberbier, T., Fluhr, J., Wurpts, G., Klimek, L., Jacob, T., Merk, H. F., Muelleneisen, N., Roeseler, S., Dickel, D., Raap, U. and Kleine-Tebbe, J. (2021). Practical recommendations for the allergological risk assessment of the COVID-19 vaccination - a harmonized statement of allergy centers in Germany. Allergologie, 44 (2). S. 95 - 100. DEISENHOFEN-MUENCHEN: DUSTRI-VERLAG DR KARL FEISTLE. ISSN 0344-5062

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