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Journal Article

Eden, D. J., Liu, Tie ORCID: 0000-0002-5286-2564, Kim, Kee-Tae, Juvela, M., Liu, S. -Y., Tatematsu, K., Di Francesco, J., Wang, K., Wu, Y., Thompson, M. A., Fuller, G. A., Li, Di ORCID: 0000-0003-3010-7661, Ristorcelli, I., Kang, Sung-ju, Hirano, N., Johnstone, D., Lin, Y., He, J. H., Koch, P. M., Sanhueza, Patricio, Qin, S. -L., Zhang, Q., Goldsmith, P. F., Evans, N. J., II, Yuan, J., Zhang, C. -P., White, G. J., Choi, Minho, Lee, Chang Won, Toth, L. V., Mairs, S., Yi, H. -W., Tang, M., Soam, A., Peretto, N., Samal, M. R., Fich, M., Parsons, H., Malinen, J., Bendo, G. J., Rivera-Ingraham, A., Liu, H. -L., Wouterloot, J., Li, P. S., Qian, L., Rawlings, J., Rawlings, M. G., Feng, S., Wang, B., Li, Dalei, Liu, M., Luo, G., Marston, A. P., Pattle, K. M., Pelkonen, V. -M., Rigby, A. J., Zahorecz, S., Zhang, G., Bogner, R., Aikawa, Y., Akhter, S., Alina, D., Bell, G., Bernard, J. -P., Blain, A., Bronfman, L., Byun, D. -Y., Chapman, S., Chen, H. -R., Chen, M., Chen, W. -P., Chen, X., Chen, Xuepeng, Chrysostomou, A., Chu, Y. -H., Chung, E. J., Cornu, D., Cosentino, G., Cunningham, M. R., Demyk, K., Drabek-Maunder, E., Doi, Y., Eswaraiah, C., Falgarone, E., Feher, O., Fraser, H., Friberg, P., Garay, G., Ge, J. X., Gear, W. K., Greaves, J., Guan, X., Harvey-Smith, L., Hasegawa, T., He, Y., Henkel, C., Hirota, T., Holland, W., Hughes, A., Jarken, E., Ji, T. -G., Jimenez-Serra, I., Kang, M., Kawabata, K. S., Kim, Gwanjeong, Kim, Jungha, Kim, Jongsoo, Kim, S., Koo, B. -C., Kwon, Woojin, Kuan, Y. -J., Lacaille, K. M., Lai, S. -P., Lee, C. F., Lee, J. -E., Lee, Y. -U., Li, H., Lo, N., Lopez, J. A. P., Lu, X., Lyo, A. -R., Mardones, D., McGehee, P., Meng, F., Montier, L., Montillaud, J., Moore, T. J. T., Morata, O., Moriarty-Schieven, G. H., Ohashi, S., Pak, S., Park, Geumsook, Paladini, R., Pech, G., Qiu, K., Ren, Z. -Y., Richer, J., Sakai, T., Shang, H., Shinnaga, H., Stamatellos, D., Tang, Y. -W., Traficante, A., Vastel, C., Viti, S., Walsh, A., Wang, H., Wang, J., Ward-Thompson, D., Whitworth, A., Wilson, C. D., Xu, Y., Yang, J., Yuan, Y. -L., Yuan, L., Zavagno, A., Zhang, C., Zhang, G., Zhang, H. -W., Zhou, C., Zhou, J., Zhu, L. and Zuo, P. (2019). SCOPE: SCUBA-2 Continuum Observations of Pre-protostellar Evolution - survey description and compact source catalogue. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 485 (2). S. 2895 - 2909. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1365-2966

Liu, X-C, Wu, Y., Zhang, C., Chen, X., Lin, L-H, Qin, S-L, Liu, T., Henkel, C., Wang, J., Liu, H-L, Yuan, J., Yuan, L-X, Li, J., Shen, Z-Q, Li, D., Esimbek, J., Wang, K., Li, L-X, Kim, Kee-Tae, Zhu, L., Madones, D., Inostroza-Pino, N., Meng, F-Y, Zhang, T., Tatematsu, K., Xu, Y., Ju, B-G, Kraus, A. and Xu, F-W (2021). A Search for Cloud Cores Affected by Shocked Carbon Chain Chemistry in L1251. Astrophys. J., 912 (2). BRISTOL: IOP Publishing Ltd. ISSN 1538-4357

Book Section, Proceedings Item or annotation in a legal commentary

Brocher, Andreas, Weeber, Frederike, Hoek, Jet and von Heusinger, Klaus ORCID: 0000-0001-8108-3191 (2020). Referent Management in Discourse: The Accessibility of Weak Definites. In: Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pp. 2829-2835. Oxford: Wiley.

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