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Journal Article

Britzen, S., Fendt, C., Bottcher, M., Zajacek, M., Jaron, F., Pashchenko, I. N., Araudo, A., Karas, V. and Kurtanidze, O. (2019). A cosmic collider: Was the IceCube neutrino generated in a precessing jet-jet interaction in TXS 0506+056? Astron. Astrophys., 630. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 1432-0746

Britzen, S., Fendt, C., Witzel, G., Qian, S. -J., Pashchenko, I. N., Kurtanidze, O., Zajacek, M., Martinez, G., Karas, V., Aller, M., Aller, H., Eckart, A., Nilsson, K., Arevalo, P., Cuadra, J., Subroweit, M. and Witzel, A. (2018). OJ287: deciphering the 'Rosetta stone of blazars. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 478 (3). S. 3199 - 3220. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1365-2966

Harrington, Kevin C., Vishwas, A., Weiss, A., Magnelli, B., Grassitelli, L., Zajacek, M., Jimenez-Andrade, E. F., Leung, T. K. D., Bertoldi, F., Romano-Diaz, E., Frayer, D. T., Kamieneski, P., Riechers, D., Stacey, G. J., Yun, M. S. and Wang, Q. D. (2019). The 'Red Radio Ring': ionized and molecular gas in a starburst/active galactic nucleus at z similar to 2.55. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 488 (2). S. 1489 - 1501. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1365-2966

Karas, V., Kopacek, O., Kunneriath, D., Zajacek, M., Araudo, A., Eckart, A. and Kovar, J. (2017). Plunging neutron stars as origin of organised magnetic field in galactic nuclei. Contrib. Astron. Obs. S., 47 (2). S. 124 - 133. TATRANSKA LOMINICA: SLOVAK ACADEMY SCIENCES ASTRONOMICAL INST. ISSN 1336-0337

Parsa, M., Eckart, A., Shahzamanian, B., Karas, V., Zajacek, M., Zensus, J. A. and Straubmeier, C. (2017). Investigating the Relativistic Motion of the Stars Near the Supermassive Black Hole in the Galactic Center. Astrophys. J., 845 (1). BRISTOL: IOP PUBLISHING LTD. ISSN 1538-4357

Peissker, F., Zajacek, M., Eckart, A., Sabha, N. B., Shahzamanian, B. and Parsa, M. (2019). New bow-shock source with bipolar morphology in the vicinity of Sgr A*. Astron. Astrophys., 624. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 1432-0746

Shahzamanian, B., Eckart, A., Zajacek, M., Valencia-S, M., Sabha, N., Moser, L., Parsa, M., Peissker, F. and Straubmeier, C. (2016). Polarized near-infrared light of the Dusty S-cluster Object (DSO/G2) at the Galactic center. Astron. Astrophys., 593. LES ULIS CEDEX A: EDP SCIENCES S A. ISSN 1432-0746

Zajacek, M., Eckart, A., Karas, V., Kunneriath, D., Shahzamanian, B., Sabha, N., Muzic, K. and Valencia-S, M. (2016). Effect of an isotropic outflow from the Galactic Centre on the bow-shock evolution along the orbit. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 455 (2). S. 1257 - 1275. OXFORD: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. ISSN 1365-2966

Zajacek, M. and Tursunov, A. A. (2018). A stellar fly-by close to the Galactic center: Can we detect stars on highly relativistic orbits? Astro. Nachr., 339 (5). S. 324 - 331. WEINHEIM: WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH. ISSN 1521-3994

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