Marcheschi, Daniela (2015). Identidad, Tradición/tradiciones en la literatura y el arte de Europa. In: La voz del pueblo en el espacio cultural europeo: El pueblo y su identidad, 14, pp. 200-211. Universität zu Köln, Arbeitskreis Spanien - Portugal - Lateinamerika.


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Scholars often confuse the terms tradition and literary history by thinking that the first one equals the second one. By means of the confrontation of anthropology, literature and other modern fields of scientific knowledge, this paper attempts to answer the following questions: 1 – What is identity, what is tradition and what is literary tradition in particular? 2 – What is the relationship between literary tradition/traditions and canon, within a vision of literary history faced with the theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein? Identity is a dynamic process and a field of intersections in which knowledges, experiences, various past cultural activities or traditions meet and interconnect in the shape of a continuous spectrum of interacting meanings. A literary tradition establishes a relationship with the past and a nexus of vitality and continuity with the present and the future within the conflict between innovations and duration. On the basis of some examples, starting from Cervantes' Don Quijote, this paper attempts to show how several traditions form literary or artistic systems in which literary experiences/memories of the past and the ways of perceiving and re-elaborating them flow into one another. Therefore, tradition involves interpretation and interpretation involves critique of all traditions founding a specific culture.

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URN: urn:nbn:de:hbz:38-68422
Series Name at the University of Cologne: Kölner Beiträge zur Lateinamerika-Forschung
Publisher: Universität zu Köln, Arbeitskreis Spanien - Portugal - Lateinamerika
ISSN: 1438-6887
Volume: 14
Subjects: Romance languages French
Geography and history
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teorías de la identidad, tradición, EspañaSpanish
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Divisions: Faculty of Arts and Humanities > Centro Latinoamericano de Colonia (CLAC)
Language: Spanish
Date: 2015
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Refereed: No
Page Range: pp. 200-211
Title of Book: La voz del pueblo en el espacio cultural europeo: El pueblo y su identidad


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