Silangwa, Florian Sanya Chisawani (2014). Migration and demographic changes. Its implications on land transformation and changing socio-economic development in the Lake Eyasi Basin in Karatu District, Tanzania. PhD thesis, Universität zu Köln.

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The relationship between population mobility and land transformation holds an important role in research on the linkages between human society and ecological systems. Various studies on population mobility in Tanzania have looked at rural – urban migration with little attention to rural – rural migration which has played a significant role for population change in the Lake Eyasi Basin since the early 1980’s. Besides, the few studies undertaken in areas of study have focused on livestock markets; agriculture and cultural history of population mobility and migration without putting emphasis on its implication on land resource transformation. The primary objective of this study therefore was to obtain a better understanding of the interrelations between population mobility and land transformation processes in the Lake Eyasi Basin in Karatu District in Tanzania. In order to understand the interrelations between population mobility and land transformation a comprehensive conceptual framework which incorporated the political ecology approach and theories of migration and land use change was developed. The analysis drew on empirical data collected from four rural villages in Karatu District, where population mobility rate is currently the highest in Arusha region and Tanzania at large. The study used a mixed-methods approach in data collection and analysis. Secondary socioeconomic and biophysical data provided contextual information for the study area and guided the selection of study communities. In-depth key informant interviews and historical narratives gathered detailed information about land resource management and people interaction experiences in study communities for the development of survey instrument, and provided a contextualized backdrop for the analysis of survey data. The household survey was conducted using a face-to-face questionnaire interview technique to collect data on head of household background and people’s interaction to land resource. The results have addressed the research objectives that population mobility and migration has influenced the population balance and presented a significant change in land resource management and socio-economic development in the receiving area. As the population has increased with the influx of migrant farmers, livestock keepers as well casual laborers in the Lake Eyasi Basin, the pressure on available land resources has increased. Among the migrants in the area are wealthy farmers and agro-business people from urban areas and surrounding villages who claim land from poor local people and heavily invest into agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, water pumps, herbicides and pesticides. As a response to the increased cost of agricultural production the poor farmers have remained with the option of selling, renting or enter into sharecropping agreement with rich migrant farmers. These options seem not to improve people’s livelihood but accelerate poverty and land conflicts among people in the area. Altogether, these findings have implications for the subsequent population change and corresponding land resource management and policy in rural destination areas.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD thesis)
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Date: 2014
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Date of oral exam: 2012
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