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Journal Article

Al-Baldawi, Y., Hokamp, N. Grosse, Haneder, S., Steinhauser, S., Puesken, M., Persigehl, T., Maintz, D. and Wybranski, C. (2020). Virtual mono-energetic images and iterative image reconstruction: abdominal vessel imaging in the era of spectral detector CT. Clin. Radiol., 75 (8). LONDON: W B SAUNDERS CO LTD. ISSN 1365-229X

Eifinger, F., Fuchs, Z., Koerber, F., Persigehl, T. and Scaal, M. (2018). Investigation of umbilical venous vessels anatomy and diameters as a guideline for catheter placement in newborns. Clin. Anat., 31 (2). S. 269 - 275. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1098-2353

Hokamp, N. Grosse, Hoeink, A. J., Doerner, J., Jordan, D. W., Pahn, G., Persigehl, T., Maintz, D. and Haneder, S. (2018). Assessment of arterially hyper-enhancing liver lesions using virtual monoenergetic images from spectral detector CT: phantom and patient experience. Abdom. Radiol., 43 (8). S. 2066 - 2075. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 2366-0058

Hokamp, N. Grosse, Obmann, Vc, Kessner, R., Laukamp, K. R., Persigehl, T., Haneder, S. and Ramaiya, N. (2018). Improved visualization of hypodense liver lesions in virtual monoenergetic images from spectral detector CT: Proof of concept in a 3D-printed phantom and evaluation in 74 patients. Eur. J. Radiol., 109. S. 114 - 124. CLARE: ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD. ISSN 1872-7727

Knittel, G., Korovkina, D., Liedgens, P., Fritz, C., Al-Baldawi, Y., Bahlo, J., Herling, C., Eichhorst, B., Hallek, M., Persigehl, T., Buettner, R. and Reinhardt, H. C. (2016). ESTABLISHMENT OF A PRE-CLINICAL IN VIVO PLATFORM SPANNING LOW-RISK TO HIGH-RISK CLL. Haematologica, 101. S. 9 - 11. PAVIA: FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION. ISSN 0390-6078

Knittel, G., Korovkina, D., Liedgens, P., Rehkaemper, T., Fritz, C., Torgovnick, A., Al-Baldawi, Y., Al-Maarri, M., Cun, Y., Fedorchenko, O., Riabinska, A., Beleggia, F., Nguyen, P. -H., Wunderlich, F. T., Ortmann, M., Montesinos-Rongen, M., Tausch, E., Stilgenbauer, S., Frenzel, L., Herling, M., Herling, C., Bahlo, J., Hallek, M., Peifer, M., Buettner, R., Persigehl, T. and Reinhardt, H. C. (2017). Novel models of high-risk CLL reveal an actionable PARP1 dependence in ATM-defective CLL in vivo. Oncol. Res. Treat., 40. S. 27 - 28. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Knittel, G., Liedgens, P., Korovkina, D., Seeger, J. M., Al-Baldawi, Y., Al-Maarri, M., Fritz, C., Vlantis, K., Bezhanova, S., Scheel, A. H., Wolz, O. -O., Reimann, M., Moeller, P., Lopez, C., Staudt, L. M., Ortmann, M., Pasparakis, M., Siebert, R., Schmitt, C. A., Klatt, A. R., Wunderlich, F. T., Schaefer, S. C., Persigehl, T., Montesinos-Rongen, M., Odenthal, M., Buettner, R., Frenzel, L. P., Kashkar, H. and Reinhardt, H. C. (2016). B cell-specific conditional expression of Myd88 p.L252P leads to the development of diffuse large B cell lymphoma in mice. Oncol. Res. Treat., 39. S. 218 - 220. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Knittel, G., Liedgens, P., Korovkina, D., Seeger, J. M., Al-Baldawi, Y., Vlantis, K., Fritz, C., Schaefer, S. C., Klatt, A., Scheel, A., Al-Maarri, M., Bezhanova, S., Montesinos-Rongen, M., Wolz, O. O., Reimann, M., Lohneis, P., Weber, A. N., Wunderlich, F. T., Pasparakis, M., Buettner, R., Persigehl, T., Schmitt, C. A., Odenthal, M., Frenzel, L. P., Kashkar, H. and Reinhardt, H. C. (2016). B CELL-SPECIFIC CONDITIONAL EXPRESSION OF MYD88P.L252P LEADS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIFFUSE LARGE B CELL LYMPHOMA IN MICE. Haematologica, 101. S. 179 - 181. PAVIA: FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION. ISSN 0390-6078

Oberbeck, S., Schrader, A., Warner, K., Jungherz, D., Crispatzu, G., von Jan, J., Chmielewski, M., Ianevski, A., Diebner, H. H., Mayer, P., Ados, A. Kondo, Wahnschaffe, L., Braun, T., Mueller, T. A., Wagle, P., Bouska, A., Neumann, T., Puetzer, S., Varghese, L., Pflug, N., Thelen, M., Makalowski, J., Riet, N., Goex, H. J. M., Rappl, G., Altmueller, J., Kotrova, M., Persigehl, T., Hopfinger, G., Hansmann, M. L., Schloesser, H., Stilgenbauer, S., Duerig, J., Mougiakakos, D., Von Bergwelt-Baildon, M., Roeder, I, Hartmann, S., Hallek, M., Moriggl, R., Brueggemann, M., Aittokallio, T., Iqbal, J., Newrzela, S., Abken, H. and Herling, M. (2020). Noncanonical effector functions of the T-memory-like T-PLL cell are shaped by cooperative TCL1A and TCR signaling. Blood, 136 (24). S. 2786 - 2803. WASHINGTON: AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY. ISSN 1528-0020

Persigehl, T., Poeppel, T. D. and Sedlaczek, O. (2017). Radiological response assessment of modern immunotherapy using iRECIST. Radiologe, 57 (10). S. 826 - 834. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1432-2102

Reimer, R. P., Grosse Hokamp, N., Fehrmann Efferoth, A., Krauskopf, A., Zopfs, D., Kroeger, J. R., Persigehl, T., Maintz, D. and Bunck, A. C. . Virtual monoenergetic images from spectral detector computed tomography facilitate washout assessment in arterially hyper-enhancing liver lesions. Eur. Radiol.. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1432-1084

Riabinska, A., Schmitt, A., Fritz, C., Knittel, G., Torgovnick, A., Heneweer, C., Wittersheim, M., Frenzel, L., Wunderlich, C., Jachimowicz, R., Merseburg, A., Persigehl, T., Wunderlich, T., Buettner, R. and Reinhardt, H. C. (2017). Restoration of Atm induces lymphoma regression in vivo and is mediated by cell autonomous and non-cell autonomous mechanisms. Oncol. Res. Treat., 40. S. 40 - 41. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Stippel, D. L., Wahba, R., Bruns, C. J., Bunck, A., Baues, C. and Persigehl, T. (2018). Image-guided, minimally invasive surgery and other local therapeutic procedures for primary liver tumors. Chirurg, 89 (11). S. 872 - 880. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1433-0385

Trommer-Nestler, M., Yeo, S. Y., Marnitz, S., Persigehl, T., Bunck, A., Schlaak, M., Gruell, H., Theurich, S., von Bergwelt-Baildon, M., Herter, J., Celik, E., Rosenbrock, J. and Baues, C. (2018). Abscopal effects in metastasized cancer patients treated with PD-1 inhibition and radiation therapy. Strahlenther. Onkol., 194. S. S200 - 1. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1439-099X

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