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Journal Article

Greinix, H., Beohou, E., van der Werf, S., Niederwieser, D., Blaise, D., Dreger, P., Arnold, R., Meijer, E., Sengeloev, H., Cornelissen, J., Hallek, M., Socie, G., Chevallier, P., Ganser, A., Milpied, N., Maertens, J., Petersen, E., Afanasyev, B., Ehninger, G., Fegueux, N., Jindra, P., Kroeger, N., Montoto, S., Nagler, A. and Duarte, R. (2017). Impact of ATG use on the outcome of patients with hematological malignancies undergoing reduced-intensity conditioning for allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplant., 52. S. S61 - 1. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5365

Jagasia, M., Beohou, E., van der Werf, S., Niederwieser, D., Dreger, P., Meijer, E., Chevallier, P., Sengeloev, H., Blaise, D., Petersen, E., Cornelissen, J. J., Ehninger, G., Gribben, J., Caballero, D., Beguin, Y., Hallek, M., Jindra, P., Fanin, R., Delage, J., Maertens, J., Gedde-Dahl, T., Montoto, S., Kroger, N., Greinix, H. and Duarte, R. (2017). Addition of rituximab in reduced intensity conditioning regimens for B-cell malignancies does not influence transplant outcomes: an EBMT registry analyses. Bone Marrow Transplant., 52. S. S83 - 1. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5365

Scheid, C., de Wreede, L., van Biezen, A., Koenecke, C., Gohring, G., Volin, L., Maertens, J., Finke, J., Passweg, J., Beelen, D., Cornelissen, J. J., Itaelae-Remes, M., Chevallier, P., Russell, N., Petersen, E., Milpied, N., Espiga, C. Richard, Peniket, A., Sierra, J., Mufti, G., Crawley, C., Veelken, J. H., Ljungman, P., Cahn, J. Y., Alessandrino, E. P., de Witte, T., Robin, M. and Kroeger, N. (2017). Validation of the revised IPSS at transplant in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome/transformed acute myelogenous leukemia receiving allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a retrospective analysis of the EBMT chronic malignancies working party. Bone Marrow Transplant., 52 (11). S. 1519 - 1526. LONDON: NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP. ISSN 1476-5365

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