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Journal Article

Becker, H. J., Reuter, S., Marquez, Garcia M., Schloesser, H. A., von Bergwelt-Baildon, M. and Theurich, S. (2016). B cells derived from patients with von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease display impaired antigen presentation upon CD40 activation. Oncol. Res. Treat., 39. S. 271 - 272. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Kaasch, A. J., Rieg, S., Kuetscher, J., Brodt, H. -R., Widmann, T., Herrmann, M., Meyer, C., Welte, T., Kern, P., Haars, U., Reuter, S., Huebner, I., Strauss, R., Sinha, B., Brunkhorst, F. M., Hellmich, M., Faetkenheuer, G., Kern, W. V. and Seifert, H. (2013). Delay in the administration of appropriate antimicrobial therapy in Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infection: a prospective multicenter hospital-based cohort study. Infection, 41 (5). S. 979 - 986. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1439-0973

Molter, G., Seifert, H., Mandraka, F., Kasper, G., Weidmann, B., Hornei, B., Oehler, M., Schwimmbeck, P., Kroeschel, P., Higgins, P. G. and Reuter, S. (2016). Outbreak of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in the intensive care unit: a multi-level strategic management approach. J. Hosp. Infect., 92 (2). S. 194 - 199. LONDON: W B SAUNDERS CO LTD. ISSN 1532-2939

Reinwald, M., Spiess, B., Heinz, W. J., Cornely, O. A., Schwerdtfeger, R., Hahn, J., Krause, S. W., Bertz, H., Reuter, S., Wolf, H. H., Claus, B., Boch, T., Hofmann, W. -K and Buchheidt, D. (2014). Aspergillus specific PCR of specimens more adequately representing the infectious localization such as bronchoalveolar lavage, cerebrospinal fluid or tissue/effusion samples are superior to testing concurrent blood samples in immunocompromised patients with suspected invasive aspergillosis. Oncol. Res. Treat., 37. S. 93 - 94. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Schlosser, H. A., Thelen, M., Dieplinger, G., von Bergwelt-Baildon, A., Garcia-Marquez, M., Reuter, S., Shimabukuro-Vornhagen, A., Wennhold, K., Haustein, N., Buchner, D., Heiermann, N., Kleinert, R., Wahba, R., Ditt, V., Kurschat, C., Cingoz, T., Becker, J., Stippel, D. L. and von Bergwelt-Baildon, M. (2017). Prospective Analyses of Circulating B Cell Subsets in ABO-Compatible and ABO-Incompatible Kidney Transplant Recipients. Am. J. Transplant., 17 (2). S. 542 - 551. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1600-6143

Sierra, S., Dybowski, J., Pironti, A., Gueney, L., Thielen, A., Reuter, S., Esser, S., Faetkenheuer, G., Lengauer, T., Heider, D., Hoffmann, D., Pfister, H., Jensen, B. and Kaiser, R. (2012). Optimisation of baseline genotypic testing for safe and efficient maraviroc administration. J. Int. AIDS Soc., 15. S. 101 - 103. CHICHESTER: JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD. ISSN 1758-2652

Theurich, S., Becker, H. J., Malcher, J., Marquez, M. G., Wennhold, K., Reuter, S., Shimabukuro-Vornhagen, A., Schloesser, H. A., Huelsemann, M., Frenzel, L. P. and von Bergwelt-Baildon, M. (2017). Hypoxia and iron-chelation decrease antigen-presenting functions in CD40-activated human B cells. Oncol. Res. Treat., 40. S. 255 - 256. BASEL: KARGER. ISSN 2296-5262

Theurich, S., Iltgen, J., Wennhold, K., Marquez, M. Garcia, Rothschild, S., Schneider, B., Holtick, U., Thelen, M., Scheid, C., Becker, Hj, Schloesser, H., Reuter, S., Vornhagen, A. Shimabukuro and von Bergwelt-Baildon, M. (2016). THE JAK1/2 INHIBITOR RUXOLITINIB MODULATES ANTIGEN PRESENTING FUNCTIONS OF ACTIVATED PRIMARY B CELLS ON A METABOLIC LEVEL. Haematologica, 101. S. 462 - 463. PAVIA: FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION. ISSN 0390-6078

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