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Journal Article

Abdullayev, N., Maus, V, Behme, D., Barnikol, U. B., Kutschke, S., Stockero, A., Goertz, L., Celik, E., Zaeske, C., Borggrefe, J., Schlamann, M., Liebig, T., Kabbasch, C. and Mpotsaris, A. (2021). True first-pass effect in basilar artery occlusions: First-pass complete reperfusion improves clinical outcome in stroke thrombectomy patients. J. Clin. Neurosci., 89. S. 33 - 39. OXFORD: ELSEVIER SCI LTD. ISSN 1532-2653

Abdullayev, N., Maus, V, Mpotsaris, A., Henning, T. D., Goertz, L., Borggrefe, J., Chang, D. H., Onur, Oa, Liebig, T., Schlamann, M. and Kabbasch, C. (2020). Comparative analysis of CGUARD embolic prevention stent with Casper-RX and Wallstent for the treatment of carotid artery stenosis. J. Clin. Neurosci., 75. S. 117 - 122. OXFORD: ELSEVIER SCI LTD. ISSN 1532-2653

Dettmeyer, R., Baasner, A., Haag, C. and Schlamann, M. (2016). Discovery of a mass grave from the Spanish Civil War using Ground Penetrating Radar and forensic archaeology. Forensic Sci.Int., 267. S. E18 - 1. CLARE: ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD. ISSN 1872-6283

Deuschl, C., Kirchner, J., Poeppel, T. D., Schaarschmidt, B., Kebir, S., El Hindy, N., Hense, J., Quick, H. H., Glas, M., Herrmann, K., Umutlu, L., Moenninghoff, C., Radbruch, A., Forsting, M. and Schlamann, M. (2018). C-11-MET PET/MRI for detection of recurrent glioma. Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging, 45 (4). S. 593 - 602. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1619-7089

Goereci, Y., Schweitzer, F., Wellstein, A., Silling, S., Borchmann, S., von Tresckow, B., Adams, O., Martin, R., Schlamann, M., Schroeter, M., Fink, G. R., Wattjes, M. P. and Warnke, C. (2020). Clearance of JC polyomavirus from cerebrospinal fluid following treatment with interleukin-2 and pembrolizumab in an individual with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy and no underlying immune deficiency syndrome. Eur. J. Neurol., 27 (11). S. 2375 - 2378. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1468-1331

Goertz, L., Liebig, T., Siebert, E., Herzberg, M., Pennig, L., Schlamann, M., Borggrefe, J., Krischek, B., Dorn, F. and Kabbasch, C. (2019). Low-Profile Intra-Aneurysmal Flow Disruptor WEB 17 versus WEB Predecessor Systems for Treatment of Small Intracranial Aneurysms: Comparative Analysis of Procedural Safety and Feasibility. Am. J. Neuroradiol., 40 (10). S. 1766 - 1773. DENVILLE: AMER SOC NEURORADIOLOGY. ISSN 1936-959X

Grau, S., Herling, M., Mauch, C., Galldiks, N., Golla, H., Schlamann, M., Scheel, A. H., Celik, E., Ruge, M. and Goldbrunner, R. (2021). Brain metastases-Interdisciplinary approach towards a personalized treatment. Chirurg, 92 (3). S. 200 - 210. HEIDELBERG: SPRINGER HEIDELBERG. ISSN 1433-0385

Kaesmacher, J., Abdullayev, N., Meinel, T., Pop, R., Behme, D., Sporns, P., Styczen, H., Meyer, L., Kabbasch, C., Piechowiak, E., Maus, V., Martinez-Majander, N., Fischer, S., Riedel, C., Seiffge, D., Radbruch, A., Mordasini, P., Schlamann, M., Beaujeux, R., Dobrocky, T., Psychogios, M., Strbian, D., Fiehler, J., Gralla, J. and Fischer, U. (2020). SAFETY OF INTRA-ARTERIAL FIBRINOLYTICS AS ADJUNT TO MECHANICAL THROMBECTOMY: RESULTS FROM THE INFINITY REGISTRY. Int. J. Stroke, 15 (1_SUPPL). S. 228 - 229. LONDON: SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD. ISSN 1747-4949

Matsushige, T., Kraemer, M., Sato, T., Berlit, P., Forsting, M., Ladd, M. E., Jabbarli, R., Sure, U., Khan, N., Schlamann, M. and Wrede, K. H. (2018). Visualization and Classification of Deeply Seated Collateral Networks in Moyamoya Angiopathy with 7T MRI. Am. J. Neuroradiol., 39 (7). S. 1248 - 1255. DENVILLE: AMER SOC NEURORADIOLOGY. ISSN 1936-959X

Zaeske, C., Goertz, L., Kottlors, J., Schlamann, M., Onur, O. A., Maus, V., Mpotsaris, A., Liebig, T., Forbrig, R., Kabbasch, C. and Abdullayev, N. . Mortality after mechanical thrombectomy in anterior circulation stroke may be higher at nighttime and on weekends. Eur. Radiol.. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1432-1084

Zaeske, C., Hickethier, T., Borggrefe, J., Goertz, L., Dettmeyer, R., Schlamann, M., Abdullayev, N. and Kabbasch, C. (2021). Postinterventional Assessment after Stent and Flow-Diverter Implantation Using CT: Influence of Spectral Image Reconstructions and Different Device Types. Am. J. Neuroradiol., 42 (3). S. 516 - 524. DENVILLE: AMER SOC NEURORADIOLOGY. ISSN 1936-959X

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