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Journal Article

Kambeitz, J., Cabral, C., Kambeitz-Ilankovic, L., Re, M., Borgwardt, S., Ruhrmann, S., Salokangas, R., Wood, S., Meisenzhal, E., Brambilla, P. and Koutsouleris, N. (2016). BrainAGE Approach: Investigating Ageing-related Patterns of Brain Maturation in the Context of Psychosis. Early Interv. Psychiatry, 10. S. 51 - 52. HOBOKEN: WILEY-BLACKWELL. ISSN 1751-7893

Klein, Cosa P., Ettinger, U., Schirner, M., Ritter, P., Falka, P., Koutsouleris, N. and Kambeitz, J. (2020). Brain network simulations indicate effect of neuregulin-1 genotype on excitation-inhibition balance in cortical dynamics. Pharmacopsychiatry, 53 (2). S. 89 - 90. STUTTGART: GEORG THIEME VERLAG KG. ISSN 1439-0795

Koutsouleris, N., Ruhrmann, S., Falkai, P. and Maier, W. (2013). Personalised medicine in psychiatry and psychotherapy. A review of the current state-of-the-art in the biomarker-based early recognition of psychoses. Bundesgesundheitsblatt-Gesund., 56 (11). S. 1522 - 1531. NEW YORK: SPRINGER. ISSN 1437-1588

Meisenzhal, E., Brambilla, P., Koutsouleris, N., Pantelis, C., Ruhrmann, S., Salokangas, R., Wood, S., Borgwardt, S. and Stellbrink, A. (2016). Diagnostic Tools and Medical Device Technologies in Personalised Medicine: Big Data Market Analysis of Medical Neuroscience. Early Interv. Psychiatry, 10. S. 52 - 53. HOBOKEN: WILEY-BLACKWELL. ISSN 1751-7893

Pesonen, H., Salokangas, R., Borgwardt, S., Ruhrmann, S., Brambilla, P., Wood, S., Pantelis, C., Meisenzhal, E. and Koutsouleris, N. (2016). Improving Machine-learning Based Predictive Psychiatry via Subgroup-Sensitised Classification Methods: Results of the PRONIA Project. Early Interv. Psychiatry, 10. S. 52 - 53. HOBOKEN: WILEY-BLACKWELL. ISSN 1751-7893

Ruhrmann, Stephan ORCID: 0000-0002-6022-2364, Rosen, M., Kaiser, N., Haidl, T., Schultze-Lutter, F., Borgwardt, S., Brambilla, P., Pantelis, C., Salokangas, R., Meisenzhal, E., Wood, S. and Koutsouleris, N. (2016). Functional Deterioration and Its Clinical Predictors in Subjects Clinically at High Risk of Psychosis and Patients with a Recent Onset Psychosis. Early Interv. Psychiatry, 10. S. 51 - 52. HOBOKEN: WILEY-BLACKWELL. ISSN 1751-7893

Salokangas, R. K. R., Hietala, J., Armio, R. L., Laurikainen, H., From, T., Borgwardt, S., Riecher-Rossler, A., Brambilla, P., Bonivento, C., Meisenzahl, E., Schultze-Lutter, F., Haidl, T., Ruhrmann, S., Upthegrove, R., Wood, S. J., Pantelis, C., Kambeitz-Ilankovic, L., Ruef, A., Dwyer, D. B., Kambeitz, J. and Koutsouleris, N. (2021). Effect of childhood physical abuse on social anxiety is mediated via reduced frontal lobe and amygdala-hippocampus complex volume in adult clinical high-risk subjects. Schizophr. Res., 227. S. 101 - 110. AMSTERDAM: ELSEVIER. ISSN 1573-2509

Schmidt, Stefanie J., Hurlemann, Rene ORCID: 0000-0003-2628-565X, Schultz, Johannes ORCID: 0000-0003-4117-232X, Wasserthal, Sven, Kloss, Christian, Maier, Wolfgang, Meyer-Lindenberg, Andreas, Hellmich, Martin, Muthesius-Digon, Ana, Pantel, Tanja, Wiesner, Pia-Sophie, Klosterkoetter, Joachim, Ruhrmann, Stephan ORCID: 0000-0002-6022-2364, Bechdolf, A., Brockhaus-Dumke, A., Hirjak, D., Fallgatter, A., Frieling, H., Janssen, B., Jessen, F., Kambeitz, J., Koutsouleris, N., Leopold, K., Schaefer, C., Schultze-Lutter, F., Striepens, N., Vernaleken, I, Walter, H. and Wildgruber, D. (2019). Multimodal prevention of first psychotic episode through N-acetyl-l-cysteine and integrated preventive psychological intervention in individuals clinically at high risk for psychosis: Protocol of a randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial. Early Interv. Psychiatry, 13 (6). S. 1404 - 1416. HOBOKEN: WILEY. ISSN 1751-7893

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