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Göderz, Anna-Lena (2018). Synthese und Untersuchung von wirkortspezifischen enzymatisch aktivierbaren CO-freisetzenden Molekuelen (ET-CORMs). [Thesis Abstract]

Jenke, Hannah (2018). Developmental basis of the heteroblastic leaf shape transition in A. thaliana. [Thesis Abstract]

Genz, Volker (2018). Crystal combinatorics and mirror symmetry for cluster varieties. [Thesis Abstract]

Üstün, Yasemin (2018). The role of laminin γ1 chain containing laminins for skin maturation and appendage development. [Thesis Abstract]

Leduc, Jennifer (2018). Chemical Processing of Nanostructured Uranium Oxides for Solar Energy Conversion: Investigations on Structural, Electronic and Photoelectrochemical Properties. [Thesis Abstract]

Kunsteller, Jessica (2018). Ähnlichkeiten und ihre Bedeutung beim Entdecken und Begründen. Sprachspielphilosophische und mikrosoziologische Analysen von Mathematikunterricht. [Thesis Abstract]

Cui, Di (2018). The role of Dnmt3a2 in regulating neuronal gene transcription, cognitive and locomotor functions. [Thesis Abstract]

Schnier, Tobias (2018). Optimization of Lead- and Tin-Based Perovskite Solar Cells. [Thesis Abstract]

Baoxing, Song (2018). INDEL variation: genome-wide association in plants and animals and rescue double-INDEL in A. thaliana. [Thesis Abstract]

Solga, Roxana (2018). CRN2 in cytoskeleton dynamics and tumour-related signalling pathways. [Thesis Abstract]

Kundt, Matthias (2018). Magnetoresponsive liquid crystalline systems based on elongated core-shell particles in nematic phases. [Thesis Abstract]

Zare Mehrjardi, Narges (2018). Duplication of long arm of chromosome 1 in parental and zinc finger nuclease edited human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cells results in their higher proliferation rate in vitro and in vivo. [Thesis Abstract]

Mubaraka, Rafia (2018). Functional characterization of the E2 conjugase-like protein PHO2 in phosphate starvation and mycorrhizal symbiosis in Lotus japonicus. [Thesis Abstract]

Lau, Daniela (2018). Biochemische Charakterisierung des knorpelspezifischen C-Typ Lektins CLEC3A. [Thesis Abstract]

Fischer, Sarah (2018). Functional analysis of the core autophagy protein ATG12 in Dictyostelium discoideum. [Thesis Abstract]

Franqueira Cardoso Lopes, Amanda (2018). A Caenorhabditis elegans model for Cockayne Syndrome. [Thesis Abstract]

Tan, Zhiyang (2018). Supramolecular Structure of Visual Pigments in Chicken Photoreceptors. [Thesis Abstract]

Carduck, Sarah (2018). Diversity of heterolobosean and gregarine protists to extreme environments. [Thesis Abstract]

Jain, Manaswita (2018). Targeted deletion of the DNA damage response regulator Apoptosis Antagonizing Transcription Factor (AATF) in mice decelerates lung tumorigenesis and causes degenerative renal disease. [Thesis Abstract]

Schlundt, Waldemar (2018). Neue Colchicin-Analoga mit modifiziertem B/C Ringsystem als kovalent Tubulin-bindende Wirkstoffe und Stereoselektive Totalsynthese von (2R)-α-Tocopherol durch desymmetrisierende C-C-Aktivierung. [Thesis Abstract]

Rueger, Maria Adele (2018). Bildgebend-gesteuerte Gentherapie maligner Gliome. [Thesis Abstract]

Heiden, Daniel von der (2018). Von Iod zu halogenierten Azoliumsalzen – Die Rolle von Halogenbrückenbindungen in organischen Transformationen. [Thesis Abstract]

Kroll, Samuel (2018). Microbial colonisation is steered by host-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions in the phyllosphere of Arabidopsis thaliana. [Thesis Abstract]

El-Awaad, Ehab (2018). Characterization of the direct interaction between the extracellular matrix protein thrombospondin-4 and the gabapentin receptor α2δ-1. [Thesis Abstract]

Britz, Oliver (2018). Medienscouts an (inklusiven) Grundschulen. Ein Peer-Tutoring-Projekt zur präventiven Förderung medialer und emotional-sozialer Kompetenzen. [Thesis Abstract]

John, Arno Georg (2018). Towards Printing Organic Electronics. [Thesis Abstract]

Ostermann, Anna Lena (2018). IEC-specific Insulin Resistance Impairs Gut Barrier Function and Promotes Colitis-associated Cancer. [Thesis Abstract]

Atar, Murat (2018). Synthese und photophysikalische Untersuchung von phthalimidbasierten modularen Fluoreszenzsonden zur Detektion von ROS, GSH/GST und Cyanid. [Thesis Abstract]

Rafflenbeul, Birte (2018). Hochqualifizierte internationale Migranten und Stadtentwicklung: eine Situationsanalyse am Beispiel der Megastadt Guangzhou im südchinesischen Perlflussdelta. [Thesis Abstract]

Li, Ruibao (2018). Studies on the evolution and population genetics of Opisthokonta. [Thesis Abstract]

Dohmen, Stephan (2018). Stereoselektive Palladium-katalysierte N-Allylierung von Aminosäureestern und deren Anwendung in der Synthese neuer PPII-Sekundärstrukturmimetika. [Thesis Abstract]

Ricke, Konrad Maximilian (2018). Selective neurodegeneration during Parkinson’s disease: Impact of mitochondrial impairment and cell type-specific properties. [Thesis Abstract]

Chiha, Slim (2018). Stereoselektive Synthese konformationell definierter Diprolinmimetika zur Entwicklung neuer Metastase-Inhibitoren. [Thesis Abstract]

Feuerstein, Claus Patrick (2018). Improvement of measurement capabilities at the Cologne Accelerator Mass Spectrometer. [Thesis Abstract]

Heim, Leo Erwin (2018). Low-Temperature Catalytic Hydrogen Generation based on C1-Molecule Conversion in the Aqueous Phase. [Thesis Abstract]

Thier, Katharina (2018). Die Beteiligung zellulärer Rezeptoren am Eintritt von Herpes simplex Virus 1 in Haut und Mundschleimhaut. [Thesis Abstract]

Fabianska, Izabela (2018). The role of the molecular network controlling phosphate homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana and impacts on structuring the fungal microbiome. [Thesis Abstract]

Konnerth, Hannelore (2018). Towards Selective Hydrogenation using Metal Nanocatalysts in Ionic Liquids. [Thesis Abstract]

Kim, Jun-Gyu (2018). On experience-based learning for combinatorial optimization problems. [Thesis Abstract]

Baudis, Birte (2018). Immunological Properties of Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes. [Thesis Abstract]

Yüksel, Melih (2018). Role of the competent state in antibiotic persistence and resistance evolution of Bacillus subtilis. [Thesis Abstract]

Dannhausen, Katharina (2018). Retinal degeneration and immunomodulation in juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (jNCL) mice. [Thesis Abstract]

Manchanda, Kashish (2018). Myeloperoxidase leads to a collapse of the endothelial glycocalyx via physical interaction. [Thesis Abstract]

Song, Lin (2018). Functional characterization of wild-type and N471D strumpellin in hereditary spastic paraplegia. [Thesis Abstract]

Li, Zifeng (2018). Chinese Multinational Companies in North Rhine-Westphalia /Germany: Modes, Characteristics and Motivations of their Investment. [Thesis Abstract]

Böhnlein, Toni (2018). Algorithmic Decision-Making in Multi-Agent Systems: Votes and Prices. [Thesis Abstract]

Modemann, Daniel Josef (2018). Synthese 18F-markierter aromatischer Aminosäuren durch nukleophile Kupfer-vermittelte Radiofluorierung. [Thesis Abstract]

Proksch, Lucie (2018). The role of microRNAs in aging-related proteolytic pathways in Caenorhabditis elegans. [Thesis Abstract]

Klein, Marco Tobias (2018). Stereoselektive Synthese eines tetracyclischen Tripeptidmimetikums und daraus abgeleiteter Liganden für die EVH-1-Domäne. [Thesis Abstract]

Sandleben, Aaron (2018). Neue Derivate des Cyclometallierten Nickelkomplexes [Ni(Phbpy)Br]. Untersuchung von Elektronischen und Sterischen Einflüssen. [Thesis Abstract]

Vogt, Nicolas (2018). Neuartige Cyclometallierte Komplexe des Nickels mit Carbanionischen Konjugierten Triaren-CNN-Liganden. [Thesis Abstract]

Bluhm, Björn (2017). Posttranskriptionelle Regulationsmechanismen der Knorpelentwicklung. [Thesis Abstract]

Skraban, Marcel Alexander René (2017). Synthese und trägerarme Radiofluorierung von A2A-Adenosin-Rezeptorliganden für die Positronen-Emissions-Tomographie. [Thesis Abstract]

Meyer-Ohlendorf, Lutz (2017). Lifestyles and Changing Consumption Patterns and their Impacts on Climate Change in Hyderabad/India. [Thesis Abstract]

Marx, Benjamin Raphael (2017). Mechanism of HPV8 mediated silencing of Syntenin-2 gene expression and modulation of nuclear phospholipid metabolism. [Thesis Abstract]

Wolf, Florian Felice (2017). Entwicklung und Anwendung von Wasserstoffbrückenkatakysatoren auf Cyclodiphosph(V)azan- und Quadratsäureamid-Basis. [Thesis Abstract]

Mane, Sébastien (2017). Genetic basis for natural variation in Cardamine hirsuta leaf shape. [Thesis Abstract]

Erdogan, Alican (2017). The disulfide relay in the IMS of mammalian mitochondria is crucial for complex I biogenesis. [Thesis Abstract]

Bertsch, Sabine (2017). The role of the E3-ubiquitin ligase HUWE1 in podocyte signaling and homeostasis. [Thesis Abstract]

Weckopp, Silke Christine (2017). Does the evolution of C4 photosynthesis include adaptions in mineral nutrition? Comparative analyses of sulfur and phosphorus homeostasis in the genus Flaveria. [Thesis Abstract]

Gil Gonçalves, Inês do Carmo (2017). MicroRNAs in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Mechanisms Underlying MicroRNA Dysregulation in Motor Neuron Diseases. [Thesis Abstract]

Afamefule, Chidi (2017). The genetic basis for divergenece of accessory bud development between Arabidopsis thaliana and Cardamine hirsuta. [Thesis Abstract]

Moosa, Shahida (2017). Next-generation-Sequencing in the Clinic: novel genes and novel mutations resolve the diagnostic odyssey for for patients with undiagnosed genetic disorders. [Thesis Abstract]

Effertz, Marc (2017). Formgerichtete Synthese von Hybrid-Nanostrukturen und Methodenentwicklung zur Echtzeitverfolgung von Sub-Abbe Partikeln. [Thesis Abstract]

Klinnawee, Lompong (2017). Role of APETALA2 transcription factors in regulating the mycorrhizal symbiotic Pi/H+ cotransport in Lotus japonicus. [Thesis Abstract]

Huber, Anke (2017). Novel universal targeting platform to improve AAV’s use in gene therapy. [Thesis Abstract]

Fridman, Dmitry (2017). Temperaturwahrnehmung in menschlichen Spermien. [Thesis Abstract]

Paul, Mathias (2017). Spectroscopy and Computational Studies of Intermediates in Carbene-Catalyzed Reactions. [Thesis Abstract]

Sasinska, Alexander (2017). Atomlagenabscheidung und Modifikation metallischer Cobalt-, Nickel- und Kupferschichten sowie Titandioxidschichten. [Thesis Abstract]

Mikhael Nasr Mikhael, Nelly (2017). Novel Role for Cardiomyocytes in Extracellular Matrix Production: Deciphering the Fibrotic Mechanism. [Thesis Abstract]

Krautwurst, John (2017). Koordinationspolymere und MOFs auf Basis fluorierter tritopischer Carboxylatlinker. [Thesis Abstract]

Moyzio, Torben (2017). Towards Solution Processed Graphene OLEDs. [Thesis Abstract]

Gianolio, Eleonora (2017). Catalytic Oxidations with Nitrous Oxide. [Thesis Abstract]

Lim, Radiance (2017). Regulation of endothelial Notch signalling by deubiquitinases. [Thesis Abstract]

Bender, Daniel (2017). Molecular mechanism of sulfite oxidation and nitrite reduction in vertebrate sulfite oxidase. [Thesis Abstract]

Schneider, Svenja (2017). Identification and Characterization of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Modifiers - Insights from Cellular and Vertebrate Disease Models. [Thesis Abstract]

Macheleidt, Iris Felicitas (2017). Inhibition of LSD1 in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – in vitro and in vivo. [Thesis Abstract]

Busch, Gerold M. (2017). Black hole - host galaxy relations in nearby active galaxies and the conditions for star formation. [Thesis Abstract]

Göckeritz, Elisa (2017). Exploring oncogenic functions of malignant B cells by inhibition of PI3K and BTK. [Thesis Abstract]

Imhof, Thomas (2017). Einfluss von Tenascin-N auf die Regulation und Differenzierung von mesenchymalen Stammzellen in vivo. [Thesis Abstract]

Than, Zin Mar (2017). Socio-Economic Development of Indawgyi Lake, Myanmar. [Thesis Abstract]

Pichlo, Christian (2017). Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Metallopeptidases from Enteropathogenic Bacteria. [Thesis Abstract]

Schotik, Maria (2017). Elucidating the function of novel genes and molecular mechanisms involved in accelerated ageing. [Thesis Abstract]

Aszyk, Christoph Markus (2017). The impact of the TCL1A oncogene on mitotic progression and its risk-group associated proteome in CLL. [Thesis Abstract]

Schäfer, Dominique Christian (2017). Nukleophile Kupfer-Vermittelte Radiofluorierung von L-Tryptophan-Derivaten. [Thesis Abstract]

Kohli, Priyanka (2017). Comprehensive analyses of the ciliary membrane-associated proteome identifies actin-binding proteins as novel components of primary cilia. [Thesis Abstract]

Brandt, Marie Ruth (2017). Entwicklung stabiler Mn-Komplexe für die multimodale MR/PET-Bildgebung. [Thesis Abstract]

Riabinska, Arina (2017). The biology and molecular vulnerabilities of ATM-deficient cancers - english. [Thesis Abstract]

Novikova, Elena (2017). Einzelkanalanalyse der Ca2+-abhängigen Inaktivierung von CaV1.3 L-Typ Ca2+-Kanälen bei alternativem Spleißen der C-terminalen Region. [Thesis Abstract]

Sheikh, Miriam (2017). Identification and Kinetic Characterization of Novel Inhibitors of Cholesterol Esterase and New Insights into the Bile Salt-induced Activation Mechanism. [Thesis Abstract]

Kumar, Avadh (2017). Molecular Mechanism of Neurodegeneration in Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency. [Thesis Abstract]

Shiriagin, Vladimir Vladimirovich (2017). Evolution and function of fish chemosensory receptors: Preadaptive expansion of bitter taste receptors in blind cavefish and analysis of an ancestral olfactory receptor gene in zebrafish. [Thesis Abstract]

Dalvi, Priya Shivaji (2017). Molecular mechanisms involved in lysine-specific demethylase 1 mediated oncogenic stress. [Thesis Abstract]

Mroß, Carmen (2017). Novel functions of Nesprin-2 and analysis of its in vivo role. [Thesis Abstract]

He, Jianzheng (2017). Dissecting neural mechanisms of appetitive behavior mediated by serotonergic neurons in the adult Drosophila melanogaster. [Thesis Abstract]

Neumann, Lars (2017). Functional role of PI3K-Delta in malignant B cells. [Thesis Abstract]

Velo Escarcena, Laura (2017). Functional validation of selected cellular stress genes associated with Alcohol Use Disorder in Drosophila melanogaster. [Thesis Abstract]

Baatout, Dunja (2017). Impact of protein thioesterase 1 and 2 on relevant cancer pathways and intercellular communication of malignant B cells. [Thesis Abstract]

Krey, Stephanie (2017). Towards elucidating the role of the transcription factor PHR1 in the phosphate starvation response and the mycorrhizal symbiosis in the model legume Lotus japonicus. [Thesis Abstract]

Krieger, Gülara (2017). Ultradünne Filme und Membranen aus Koordinationspolymeren und ihr Stofftransportverhalten. [Thesis Abstract]

Roeben, Eric (2017). Aktive Nanorheologie an komplexen Fluiden mit magnetischen Nanosonden. [Thesis Abstract]

Mohammedsiribbal, Shifaa (2017). Synthesis and Surface Functionalization of Gadolinium Oxide Nanoprobes for Biomedical Applications. [Thesis Abstract]

Lampe, Philipp Alexander (2017). Analysis of the function and activation of the metalloprotease OMA1. [Thesis Abstract]

Hammel, Matthias (2017). Neue Eisen-Cyclopentadienon-Tricarbonyl Komplexe & Synthese chiraler 1,3-Diole durch kombinierte Organo- und Biokatalyse. [Thesis Abstract]

Hosseinibarkooie, Seyyedmohsen (2017). Identification and characterization of molecular pathways underlying the modifier function of Plastin 3 in neurodegenerative disorders. [Thesis Abstract]

Gutierrez, Saray (2017). S. Typhimurium evades macrophage defense by preventing glycolysis-regulated acidification of phagosomes. [Thesis Abstract]

Pupo, Gabriele (2017). Non-Classical Carbocations and Enols in Asymmetric Catalysis. [Thesis Abstract]

Spieker, Mark-Christoph (2017). The origin of low-lying collective E1 and E2 strength in atomic nuclei. [Thesis Abstract]

Krikcziokat, Hanna (2017). Organic Magnetoresistance in Electronic Switching Devices. [Thesis Abstract]

Kerl, Thomas (2017). Studien zu den Totalsynthesen der Houttuynoide B und D sowie Mumbaistatin. [Thesis Abstract]

Bliersbach, Markus (2017). Kreativität in der Chemie. Erhebung und Förderung der Vorstellungen von Chemielehramtsstudierenden. [Thesis Abstract]

Strubl, Laura (2017). Fatty acid export from plastids: On the role of the ABC transporters PMP1 from Arabidopsis thaliana and SynABC from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. [Thesis Abstract]

Collienne, Ursel (2017). Towards Defining the Mechanism of Pacemaking in Dopaminergic Neurons and its Metabolic Modulation. [Thesis Abstract]

Bozorg Nia, Shahrzad (2017). Topology of vertebrate olfactory receptor gene expression with particular emphasis on the V1R-related ora gene family. [Thesis Abstract]

Meßling, Susanne (2017). The two Dictyostelium discoideum autophagy 8 proteins have distinct autophagic functions. [Thesis Abstract]

Berens, Matthias L. (2017). PBS3 regulates the leaf-age specific outcome of abiotic-biotic stress crosstalk and contributes to Arabidopsis fitness under combined stress. [Thesis Abstract]

Sprott, Sascha (2017). Untersuchungen zur Grenzflächenkatalyse in Pickering-Zweiphasensystemen am Beispiel der Suzuki-Kreuzkupplung als Modellreaktion. [Thesis Abstract]

Dittrich, Sabrina (2017). Argumentieren als Methode zur Problemlösung: Eine Unterrichtsstudie zur mündlichen Argumentation von Schülerinnen und Schülern in kooperativen Settings im Geographieunterricht. [Thesis Abstract]

Ottens, Franziska (2017). Capturing the 3′ fragmentome: Transcriptome-wide identification of endogenous NMD targets and analysis of their endonucleolytic decay. [Thesis Abstract]

Paschek, Johanna (2017). Structuring Organic Semiconductors: Spectroscopic Studies & Applications. [Thesis Abstract]

Schwab, Stephanie (2017). Assembly and Regulation of the Yeast 20S Proteasome. [Thesis Abstract]

Forte Gomes, Fabiana Helena (2017). Zebrafish as a model organism for studies of skeletal diseases: characterization of cartilage oligomeric matrix protein in zebrafish and the generation of matrilin-3a and COMP mutant zebrafish lines. [Thesis Abstract]

Schatton, Desiree (2017). CLUH integrates mitochondrial metabolism and mTOR complex 1 signaling upon starvation. [Thesis Abstract]

Green, Claudia (2017). Structural and functional characterization of neuronal network changes with MRI in the mouse brain. [Thesis Abstract]

Stepek, Joanna Magdalena (2017). S. Typhimurium-induced Sirtuin 4 regulates cell autonomous immune responses. [Thesis Abstract]

Pitikaris, Sebastian (2017). Local Mechanical Properties of Granular Media. [Thesis Abstract]

Joseph, Christine (2017). Coagulation-Independent Effects of Factor Xa and Thrombin on Protease-Activated Receptor 1 and 2 in Experimental Pulmonary Hypertension. [Thesis Abstract]

Yu, Xiaojie (2017). Overexpressed microRNA-198 is secreted via exosomes from hepatoma cells. [Thesis Abstract]

Tellkamp, Frederik (2017). Identification and characterization of overlapping and unique functions of mammalian atypical Protein Kinase C isoforms. [Thesis Abstract]

Binnie, Ariane (2017). The Quaternary uplift history along the coast of northern Chile revealed by cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating of marine terraces. [Thesis Abstract]

Golfmann, Kristina (2017). Dual targeting of FGFR1 and VEGFR1 displays antitumor efficacy in breast cancer. [Thesis Abstract]

Mundorf, Juliane (2017). Ets21c - A Novel Regulator of Epithelial Homeostasis Downstream of JNK. [Thesis Abstract]

Al-Maarri, Mona (2017). AKT activation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells promotes transformation towards aggressive Richter's syndrome. [Thesis Abstract]

Dauwe, Sascha (2017). Entwicklung kostengünstiger und wasserhaltiger Dieselkraftstoffe zur nachhaltigen Schadstoffreduktion. [Thesis Abstract]

Westphal, Julia (2017). Enantioselektive Cobalt-katalysierte Hydrovinylierung von Vinylarenen und Anwendung in der Totalsynthese der Naturstoffe (-)-α-Cedren und (+)-Erogorgiaen. [Thesis Abstract]

Möhner, Desirée Martha (2017). Ca2+ homeostasis and effects of β-adrenergic signalling on myofibrillar biomechanics in a mouse model of familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. [Thesis Abstract]

Schumacher, Maria (2017). Theoretische Studien zu Reaktivitäten und Selektivitäten von Umpolungskatalysatoren in Acyloin-Reaktionen. [Thesis Abstract]

Krämer, Andrea (2017). The prognostic and therapeutic relevance of TERT activation in neuroblastoma. [Thesis Abstract]

Akyol, Sema (2017). Neue chirale P,P-Liganden für asymmetrische Cu- und Pd-katalysierte Transformationen. [Thesis Abstract]

Sturm, Sebastian (2017). Mass spectrometric identification of polypeptides and proteins in the neuroendocrine system of insects. [Thesis Abstract]

Simon, Christof (2017). Thermodynamik der Wassereinspritzung bei der dieselmotorischen Verbrennung. [Thesis Abstract]

Vondey, Verena (2017). LYN-dependent intrinsic functions of malignant B cells. [Thesis Abstract]

Harder, Moritz (2017). „Entweder sind die durch Zufall entstanden oder Gott hatte seine Finger im Spiel“. Eine Interviewstudie zu Kindervorstellungen über das Naturphänomen Fluss im Kontext des Conceptual Change. [Thesis Abstract]

Vuolo, Francesco (2017). The role of two tandemly duplicated HD-ZIP I genes in crucifer leaf development and evolution. [Thesis Abstract]

Finger, Fabian (2017). microRNA-Dependent Regulation of Proteostasis and Longevity. [Thesis Abstract]

Klaczynski, Krzysztof (2017). Transcriptional and post-translational control of light and sucrose-regulated anthocyanin accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana and Arabis alpina. [Thesis Abstract]

Kaygusuz, Emrah (2017). Role of CSNK2B encoding casein kinase II subunit beta in Filippi Syndrome. [Thesis Abstract]

Gooi, Li Ming (2017). Centrosomal Sas-6 in regulation of stem cells and aging. [Thesis Abstract]

Gramm, Verena Katharina (2016). Untersuchungen an Koordinationspolymeren mit Acetylendicarboxylat als verbrückendem Linker. [Thesis Abstract]

Heidemann, Tim (2016). On the Rational Synthesis of Stable Trimetallic Alkoxide Frameworks. [Thesis Abstract]

Ackermann, Leena (2016). Ubiquitin-Dependent Regulation of DNA repair and Apoptosis. [Thesis Abstract]

Rübsam, Matthias (2016). The role of cadherins in regulation of tension, signaling and barrier formation. [Thesis Abstract]

Kaib, Philip S. J. (2016). Strong Acids for Asymmetric Catalysis. [Thesis Abstract]

Cordes, Sandra (2016). Investigation of the Switching Mechanism and Enhancements of the ON/OFF Ratio in Photochromic Organic Memory Devices. [Thesis Abstract]

Arefyeva, Natalia (2016). (Thio-)Semicarbazonkomplexe mit zweiwertigen Übergangsmetallen. [Thesis Abstract]

Jain, Chirag (2016). Role of mitochondria and metabolism in insulin/IGF-like signaling-mediated lifespan extension in Drosophila melanogaster. [Thesis Abstract]

Ebert, Silvia (2016). The Relationship of Palmitoylation, Nitrosylation and Phosphorylation in Synaptic Gephyrin Clustering. [Thesis Abstract]

Gröndahl, Sophie (2016). Interactions of consumer and resource diversity. [Thesis Abstract]

Ali, Noelle Jessebelle Audrina (2016). Role of the polarity protein Par3 in epidermal homeostasis and wound induced regeneration. [Thesis Abstract]

Buckermann, Till (2016). Experimentieren regulieren lernen. Quasi-experimentelle Untersuchung einer Experimentierkompetenzförderung bei Lehramtsstudierenden im biologischen Laborpraktikum. [Thesis Abstract]

Boesl, Teresa (2016). Tumor cell-derived vesicles modify the phenotype of fibroblasts in Hodgkin lymphoma. [Thesis Abstract]

Kress, Vanessa (2016). Collective Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity by Gephyrin, Dynein Light Chain and Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase. [Thesis Abstract]

Aaltonen, Mari (2016). Lipid transfer proteins and membrane contact sites organize lipid synthesis in mitochondria. [Thesis Abstract]

Vorholt, Daniela (2016). Functional Implications and Interaction of Macrophages in the Leukemic Microenvironment upon Genotoxic Stress. [Thesis Abstract]

Hegde, Vishal (2016). Regulation of polyamine biosynthesis: Proteolytic control of Ornithine Decarboxylase-Antizyme. [Thesis Abstract]

Kleczka, Margarethe (2016). Anwendung des large-group-non-bonding Effekts in der Synthese von Hydroperoxiden durch En-Reaktion mit Singulett-Sauerstoff & Untersuchungen zum photooxidativen Abbau von Carotinoiden. [Thesis Abstract]

Do, Nhu-Nguyen (2016). Functional consequences of myeloid cell-specific Stat3 activation in skin fibrosis. [Thesis Abstract]

Kuhlmann, Jan-Carlos (2016). Towards Environmentally Friendly Solvent Processable Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes – Synthesis and Application. [Thesis Abstract]

Schlicht, Simeon (2016). Zur Entwicklung des Mengen- und Zahlbegriffs. [Thesis Abstract]

Breddermann, Hannes (2016). Transcription control of the pleiotropic regulator and H-NS antagonist LeuO in Escherichia coli. [Thesis Abstract]

Lansing, Markus (2016). Synthese neuer Salalen Liganden und ihre Anwendung in der Titan-katalysierten asymmetrischen Epoxidierung mit Wasserstoffperoxid. [Thesis Abstract]

Molitor, Sabrina (2016). Aromatische Carbonsäureimide und -diimide in Photoinduzierten Elektronentransfer-Prozessen : Photodecarboxylative Addition von Carboxylaten durch Phthalimide und Pyromellitdiimide. [Thesis Abstract]

Seyfferth, Carolin (2016). Molecular basis of MAP kinase-mediated signaling and transcriptional reprogramming in effector-triggered immunity. [Thesis Abstract]

Suliman, Mohamed Nady Sayed (2016). Chemical genetics: A dynamic tool to dissect jasmonic acid signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. [Thesis Abstract]

Harbauer, Carola (2016). Formation kinetics of microemulsions: The influence of amphiphilic additives. [Thesis Abstract]

Kleefisch, Dominik (2016). Par3 and aPKC cooperate in promoting skin tumorigenesis in mice. [Thesis Abstract]

Daniel , Pekel (2016). Elektronenarme Pyridiniumsalze als neuartiges Motiv in der Organokatalyse: Neue Transformationen und mechanistische Studien. [Thesis Abstract]

Lepcha, Ashish (2016). Electrospun TiO2, Fe2O3 and SrNb2O6 and their Heterostructures for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Reactions. [Thesis Abstract]

Zhang , Li-Ang (2016). Capsid-engineering overcomes barriers toward endothelial cell transduction. [Thesis Abstract]

Köhler, Sybille (2016). Signaling to the actin cytoskeleton in podocytes. [Thesis Abstract]

Mulki, Mohamed Aman (2016). Functional Characterization of Photoperiod Response Genes in Barley. [Thesis Abstract]

Ilyas, Shaista (2016). Click Functionalized Nanoprobes for Target Specific Biomedical Applications. [Thesis Abstract]

Schiffer, Christian (2016). Wirkung von Umweltchemikalien und Progesteron auf menschliche Spermien. [Thesis Abstract]

Kumar, Atul (2016). Neuronal actin dynamics, spine density and neuronal dendritic complexity are regulated by CAP2. [Thesis Abstract]

Epp, Andreas (2016). Organic Photorefractive Materials with Bipolar Charge Transport. [Thesis Abstract]

Huetges, Jeanette Isabel (2016). Solution Processed OLEDs - Synthesis of Crosslinkable Organic Host Materials and Investigations on Novel Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticles. [Thesis Abstract]

Richarz, Raphael (2016). A Simple Approach to 18F-labeled PSMA-Selective Ligands for PET Imaging of Prostate Cancer Recurrence. [Thesis Abstract]

Cheng, Kalie-Martin Yin-sheng (2016). Multifunktionelle Koordinationspolymerfilme aus zwei- und dreizähnigen di- und polytopischen Liganden. [Thesis Abstract]

Grzesiak, Ireneus (2016). Metallphenylacetylid der Gruppen I und XI. [Thesis Abstract]

Rijal, Ramesh (2016). Functional analysis of p97 and its interaction with UBXD9. [Thesis Abstract]

Umbach, Thorsten Erich (2016). Optical Simulations and the Application in Organic Electronics. [Thesis Abstract]

Mescher, Melina (2016). Role of Par3 complex proteins in melanocyte homeostasis and melanomagenesis. [Thesis Abstract]

Yang, Ji-Yoon (2016). Mikroemulsionen als Reaktionsmedium: Vorteilhafte Ausnutzung des Phasenverhaltens zur Produkttrennung und Katalysatorrückgewinnung. [Thesis Abstract]

Grassberger, Lena (2016). Towards cost-efficient preparation of nanoporous materials: formation kinetics, process optimization and material characterization. [Thesis Abstract]

Biewer, Matthias (2016). Die evolutionäre Dynamik der komplementären Geschlechtsdetermination und Entwicklung von Eusozialität in verschiedenen Hymenopteren. [Thesis Abstract]

Wötzel, Stefan (2016). Molecular - genetic analysis of flowering time natural variation in Arabis alpina populations of the French Alps. [Thesis Abstract]

Dietlein, Felix (2016). A framework to comprehensively identify synergistic drug interactions in cancer. [Thesis Abstract]

Zapata Rolón, José Miguel (2016). Exact and asymptotic formulas for the Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms. [Thesis Abstract]

Damm, Anna Maria (2016). Functional characterisation of the NLR protein NLRP10. [Thesis Abstract]

Kaouk, Ali (2016). Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene-Hematite Nanocomposite Films as Photoanodes in Water-Splitting Reactions. [Thesis Abstract]

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